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Album Review: Daphne Willis | FREAKS LIKE ME

Daphne Willis; Dopamine; Pop Artist; Nashville; Songwriter; NAMI; Mental Health; PTSD; Somebody’s Someone

Daphne Willis is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the pop space with her album, Freaks Like Me. Throughout the album, Daphne takes us on a trip of different stories that motivate listeners to climb out of dark areas in their life, remember that  they are cared about, and to keep going no matter how bad the ups and downs are in life. As a whole, Daphne describes this project as the most exhilarating & vulnerable work that she has ever created. Musically speaking, Daphne mixes numerous different sounds and instruments that make the music appealing to a wide range of people.

From the big band and symphonic elements to the guitar strums, you never know what sound you’ll get on the next track. A few stand outs include, “Out of the Black”, “Keep on Keepin’ On” and her viral single “Somebody’s Someone”.

“Out of the Black” is a prideful hit about overcoming the shadows of depression and enjoying all that life has to offer–without medication. It’s a great anthem for anyone that has had struggles with mental illness.

“Keep on Keepin’ On” is an upbeat, energetic tune infused with some great brass instrumentals that are complemented by Daphne’s thoughtful, poetic lyrics. It’s a celebratory song about persevering through difficult times and the strength drawn from the people around you.

“Somebody’s Someone” is a slower, heartfelt melody encouraging listeners to know that they’re loved and valued–it’s probably the one that has resonated the most with her listeners.

Overall, Freaks Like Me is a unique journey through the last few years of Daphne’s life, that anyone can connect with. It’s incredibly honest and raw, with Daphne pouring her heart out in the lyrics and melodies. Daphne shows incredible promise and proves why she is certainly one to watch in the pop music genre.

Listen to the album here.

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Album Review: Carly Pearce | ‘Every Little Thing’

For several years now, I have heard about Carly Pearce on the music scene; well before she was signed to Big Machine.  I always seemed to just miss her performance.

Finally, at this past year’s CRS (Country Radio Seminar), I got to see her perform live for the first time at the Big Machine luncheon showcase and she did not disappoint.

Pearce is releasing her debut album on Big Machine entitled, ‘Every Little Thing’, on October 13th.  It is produced by busbee.  Just to sum it up, I think it is aptly named because there really IS something to love about every little thing on this album.

“Every Little Thing” is also the title of the first single off this album.  If this beautiful ballad does not hit #1, I’ll be incredibly disappointed.  It has all the makings of a great hit and such an emotional song that many can relate to when they lose a loved one.

Carly Pearce’s voice is powerful.  She sings with conviction, great control, and emotion that is incredibly moving.  I can’t say enough good things about her vocals.

There is something for every country music lover on this album.   The songwriting is strong and deep throughout the album.  Thankfully, no mention of beer, pick-up trucks or dirt roads.   “Honeysuckle” is exuberant and playful midtempo.  “Dare Ya”, “Catch Fire”, and “Everybody Gonna Talk” are sassy mid to uptempo tunes.  “If My Name Was Whiskey” is poignant and moving ballad.  It is probably my very favorite off the album.

Honestly, I can go straight down the tracklisting and tell you something I enjoy about each song.  There is no song that I want to skip over and it is on repeat right now.  It is such a strong album in whole and I feel would appeal to any country music fan whether you like the contemporary country sound or more traditional roots.  Pearce tends to lean a little more traditional very reminiscent of early works by Sara Evans with just the right blend of contemporary to appeal to a broad audience.

In short, I think Carly Pearce has the potential to become one of the great, standout female A-list vocalists that you’ll be hearing about for many years to come in country music along the lines of greats like Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Reba, and Carrie Underwood just to mention a few who have all stood the test of time.  She is certainly one to watch and I strongly recommend buying this album when released.  It is one of the best I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 


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Show Review: LANco & Ryan Kinder At 3rd & Lindsley


Recently got to attend a show at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville with Warner Music’s Ryan Kinder and Sony’s LANco.

With a standing room only crowd, Ryan Kinder opened the show.  Enjoyed his performance and songs very much.  Great stage presence and very comfortable in front of a crowd.  Definitely hope to hear more of his music in the near future.

Be sure to check out his new single, “Close”, available now on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Ryan Kinder


From the very instant that headlining act LANco came onstage, they brought such an energy to the room, and the crowd seemed to feel it that singing along with them &  dancing.  Absolutely loved their stage presence and whole performance.   There was such energy and enthusiasm.   Great songs with a few covers thrown in was the perfect blend for the evening.

You can find LANco’s debut EP at iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon now featuring the single, “Greatest Love Story”.

Hope to catch both of these acts very soon again. Cool vibes and great music.  Highly-recommend.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



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Album Review: Delta Rae | “A Long And Happy Life”

Delta Rae just released their debut 4-track EP with Big Machine entitled “A Long And Happy Life”.   Continue Reading →

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Jerrod Niemann | “Buzz Back Girl”


Arista Nashville

I can’t tell if it’s that last shot of Fireball or Jerrod Niemann’s latest release that has me buzzin’ right now! The country-rocker stuck to his favorite theme – drinking – with “Buzz Back Girl.” But this time he shifted gears from tipping them back to tipping his hat.

Lookin’ like that, lookin’ like that/You don’t even know what you’re doin’ to me/You got my buzz back, girl, my buzz back, girl,” Niemann sings in the cheerful chorus.

The special someone in this song cured Niemann’s hangover and turned him into a happy-go-lucky guy. Who needs bloody marys when you have this girl around?! The secret’s out, guys. Niemann confirmed there’s no more reason for that hair-of-the-dog to turn into a 12-pack-deep Saturday afternoon. All you need is a morning with your lady, and you’ll be fine

Niemann nixed the Auto-Tune found in his last two singles – “Donkey” and “Drink to That All Night” – and stuck with a classic-country-meets-pop vibe for “Buzz Back Girl.” However, he did include simulated scratching sounds, which are primarily associated with rap. Is Niemann taking a step in the emerging country rap direction? It’s hard to say, but I doubt it since he’s pretty established in his own style.

“Buzz Back Girl” was written by fellow country star Lee Brice; Kellie Pickler’s songwriting husband, Kyle Jacobs; and founder of Nashville Songwriters in the Round, Phillip Lammonds. This track from his High Noon album, which also features his past two singles, peaked at 35 on the U.S. Country Airplay chart. Niemann is wrapping up his Get Your Buzz Back Tour on Saturday in Orlando, Fla. But that’s not the only thing he’s wrapping. I’d imagine a few gifts are in store for his new bride, Morgan Petek, with their first Christmas as a married couple quickly approaching.

There’s a chance “Buzz Back Girl” could get lost in the mix of cookie-cutter, mainstream music compared to his past, distinct hits like “Lover, Lover” and “What Do You Want.” But for now, I’m jammin’ to this fun song and loving the idea of being someone’s hangover remedy!

Twitter: @jrodfromoz

Rated 4 out of 5 stars




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Album Review: Brian Collins | ‘Healing Highway’

Brian CollinsThe new 13-track album by Brian Collins entitled ‘Healing Highway’ releases on iTunes October 7th.   Not only did Collins co-write every song on the album, but he produced it along with Mills Logan and Kenny Greenberg. Continue Reading →

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Song Review: Nate Green | “Wild And Free”

Nate GreenCountry newcomer Nate Green is grabbing attention across the globe with his debut single “Wild and Free.” And his good looks certainly aren’t hindering him.
Continue Reading →

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Song Review: Billy Gilman | “Say You Will”

Billy GilmanFormer child country star Billy Gilman makes a comeback with his new single “Say You Will.” At 12 years old, he became a multi-platinum selling and Grammy nominated artist. Now, he’s 26 and ready to take on the industry with a new perspective. Continue Reading →

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Get Away From It All With A Stay At The Inn At Fontanel

Inn at Fontanel

Main building (entrance, lobby, and dining area)

Just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville, you’ll find the Inn at Fontanel nestled within the country setting of Whites Creek within walking distance of the Fontanel Mansion, Cafe Fontanella, and The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel.  This luxury boutique hotel is inspired by the middle Tennessee farmhouse style and is a “five-structure hotel, connected by 2,700 square feet of deck with plush patio furniture overlooks a stunning courtyard of gardens and a view of Porter’s Pond with its bubbling fountain and waterfall.” Continue Reading →

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Album Review: Miranda Lambert | ‘Platinum’

Miranda Lambert
With this brand new 16-track album entitled ‘Platinum’, Miranda Lambert’s 5th album seems both contemplative and playful rather than singing the revenge anthems like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Kerosene” that she’s been known for.  This is a Miranda who is having fun with a little self-effacing humor about aging (“Gravity’s a Bitch”), talks about life from the female perspective (“Girls”), the demands of beauty (“Bathroom Sink”), some really traditional and throwback country that I could imagine being played in the honky tonks on Broadway in the 60s (“All That’s Left” featuring the Time Jumpers), rip-roaring, rocking songs (“Somethin’ Bad” with Carrie Underwood), and tender ballads (“Holding On To You”). Overall, Miranda seems to be in a very contemplative place in her life for this album and wanting to share a less serious side of herself taking chances throughout the entire album. Continue Reading →

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