Album Review & Interview: LANCO | HALLELUJAH NIGHTS

The electrifying country rock band LANCO just released their debut 11-track album, HALLELUJAH NIGHTSon Arista Nashville on January 19th.

LANCO is comprised of lead singer Brandon Lancaster, bassist Chandler Baldwin, multi-instrumentalist Jared Hampton, drummer Tripp Howell, and lead guitarist Eric Steedly.  

After they crossed paths in Nashville during their early 20s, they quickly bonded over their shared small town upbringings and moved in together under one roof where they were able to truly gel as a band melding together their unique sound as they strived to pursue their musical dreams.

All 11 tracks on the full length album were co-written by lead singer and the band’s namesake, Brandon Lancaster.   The album was produced by Jay Joyce who did a great job maintaining their signature sound that is best described as twangy rock.   At least, that’s how I describe it.   A sound that has been applauded by both music critics and fans alike.

LANCO performs at #1 party for “Greatest Love Story” at BMI. Photo credit: Steve Lowry

LANCO is currently busy bringing their high energy stage performance to the public as they make their rounds on national TV shows.  This week you can see them perform their multi-week PLATINUM No. One hit “Greatest Love Story” on The Bachelor (1/22 at 7:00P CT on ABC) on Monday, performing their new anthemic single “Born To Love You” on TODAY (1/25 at 7:00A ET/CT on NBC), and then on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  on Thursday (1/25 at 10:35P CT on ABC).

LANCO made their debut on The Ellen Degeneres Show last week with the popular and renowned host claiming, “you have to watch this”.  Yes, we agree, you really DO have to watch this:

We had the opportunity to talk with the young, enthusiastic band at BMI just before their #1 celebration for “Greatest Love Story”, where they were also surprised with a plaque honoring them as the first country band to achieve platinum status on a single prior to the release of their album.

The #1 celebration at BMI that followed included tasty Mexican food, full bar, ceremony, and a special performance from the honorees.

HALLELUJAH NIGHTS brings us an anthematic collection of songs about coming of age, small town living, and young love that includes the two-week #1 hit, “Greatest Love Story” and their new single on country radio, “Born To Love You”.

My personal favorites off this album are “Long Live Tonight”, “We Do”, the title track “Hallelejuh Nights”, and “Stars Up”.  All highly-infectious, uptempo tunes that I can listen to over and over.

LANCO after being presented with their 1st platinum plaque and being honored for #1 single, “Greatest Love Story”.
Photo credit: Steve Lowry

This album will appeal to a broad audience and could easily be a crossover hit that younger listeners will relate to with their heavily rock-influenced sound.  Fans of traditional country won’t be thrilled, but fans of just simply good music will enjoy this.

Listen to & buy it now at all digital and streaming outlets.  I highly-recommend this album.

LANCO can only fully be experienced live as they meld their high-energy stage performance with their distinctive, twangy rock sound.  Lucky for us, they have joined Chris Young’s headlining tour along with Kane Brown, so you can experience their live show soon in a city near you.

According to bassist Chandler Baldwin, the band is excited to embark on this large arena tour as the band has “always envisioned” themselves performing in large arenas regardless of the size of venue they found themselves in and purposely geared their show to capture the attention of a large audience.

One of the reasons the band is so drawn to this genre and what they feel “makes country special”, according to drummer Tripp Howell, is the sense of community and the comradery that is found in Nashville as other artists cheer each other on at local music events like Whiskey Jam at Winner’s.

Can’t wait to hear and see more from this band that instantly made me a fan a year ago as I caught their show at 3rd and Lindsley.  Look forward to great things to come since this is only the beginning.

Find out more about LANCO at their site and find out where you can see them live by going to:

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