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Album Review: Danielle Bradbery | I DON’T BELIEVE WE’VE MET

Photo credit: Cameron Powell

Danielle Bradbery’s sophomore album, I DON’T BELIEVE WE’VE MET, releases December 1st.

This album shows growth and introspection from the powerful vocalist who up until this point following THE VOICE has been highly-underated, in my opinion.  There is no reason she should not be garnering #1 hits and award nominations.

This album could be her game-changer as emotional songs fill this stellar release.

Standouts for me off this album are “Potential” and the vibey “What Are We Doing”.  Lots to love here!

Buy it on December 1st, it’s a must have from this incredible songstress.


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Album Review: Daphne Willis | FREAKS LIKE ME

Daphne Willis; Dopamine; Pop Artist; Nashville; Songwriter; NAMI; Mental Health; PTSD; Somebody’s Someone

Daphne Willis is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the pop space with her album, Freaks Like Me. Throughout the album, Daphne takes us on a trip of different stories that motivate listeners to climb out of dark areas in their life, remember that  they are cared about, and to keep going no matter how bad the ups and downs are in life. As a whole, Daphne describes this project as the most exhilarating & vulnerable work that she has ever created. Musically speaking, Daphne mixes numerous different sounds and instruments that make the music appealing to a wide range of people.

From the big band and symphonic elements to the guitar strums, you never know what sound you’ll get on the next track. A few stand outs include, “Out of the Black”, “Keep on Keepin’ On” and her viral single “Somebody’s Someone”.

“Out of the Black” is a prideful hit about overcoming the shadows of depression and enjoying all that life has to offer–without medication. It’s a great anthem for anyone that has had struggles with mental illness.

“Keep on Keepin’ On” is an upbeat, energetic tune infused with some great brass instrumentals that are complemented by Daphne’s thoughtful, poetic lyrics. It’s a celebratory song about persevering through difficult times and the strength drawn from the people around you.

“Somebody’s Someone” is a slower, heartfelt melody encouraging listeners to know that they’re loved and valued–it’s probably the one that has resonated the most with her listeners.

Overall, Freaks Like Me is a unique journey through the last few years of Daphne’s life, that anyone can connect with. It’s incredibly honest and raw, with Daphne pouring her heart out in the lyrics and melodies. Daphne shows incredible promise and proves why she is certainly one to watch in the pop music genre.

Listen to the album here.

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Album Review: Kelsea Ballerini | UNAPOLOGETICALLY

Picking up right where THE FIRST TIME left off, Kelsea Ballerini brings us her sophomore album, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, releasing Friday, November 3rd.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you have no doubt witnessed the skyrocketing rise of Kelsea Ballerini in country music; everything from multiple #1 hits from her first release to her first headlining tour to CMA, ACM, and GRAMMY nominations.

Ballerini is a vibrant, sparkling star that has helped new female artists bust those doors open at country radio, which has been difficult for female artists to break through and get airplay in during recent years.  She is the first new female artist in years to achieve a #1 hit song, much less multiple #1 songs, off her debut album on Black River Entertainment.

This album covers the last two and a half years of my life in the order of how it happened. I released The First Time when I was 21. I was so new, and I was so excited to just be able to go out on radio tour and play shows. The things that I was going through in my personal life at the time I didn’t share; I wrote about them instead. So, this is the first time that I’m able to actually talk about my life and the amazing things that have happened – and the not so amazing things that have happened – over the last few years. I feel like being able to lay it all out as it happened, in order, honestly feels so liberating and freeing. Being able to sing that truth every night is going to be a such a big gift.

This album is no sophomore slump, as so many in the past have experienced.  As much as I loved THE FIRST TIME and wore it out in my car’s cd player, this album shows such growth and beautiful lyrical imagery from Ballerini that it has become my new favorite.

It is extremely-difficult for me to pick a favorite off of this 12-track release because I find something that I love in each and every song, but here goes:

“Graveyard” holds the strongest of lyrical imagery and this mid-tempo tune is probably my favorite as she sings of lost love that hurt her and not wanting to be “another heart in your graveyard”.

“Roses” is a mid-tempo tune that has that feel of exuberance as she looks back at how good a love once was with fond memories, but her heart has now healed and she is finally at a place in life where ready to move on.”

“End Of The World” will tug at your heartstrings as Ballerini sings of how she “thought the stars had lost their shine”.

“Unapologetically” brings Ballerini full circle as she sings of being “unapologetically in love” and how “it doesn’t phase me when they call me crazy”.  She is obviously singing about the love she has found in fiance, Morgan Evans, who is signed to Warner Music Nashville.

There is so very much to love about this album.  Ballerini shares her heart and her truth on this release as she brings you on her personal journey of heartbreak, personal growth, discovery of who she is, who she wants to be, and is living her life “unapologetically” out loud.  It is beautiful and a must-have for your music collection.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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Album Review: Chris Young | LOSING SLEEP

Chris Young has just released his 7th studio project entitled, LOSING SLEEP, on RCA.

The 10-track project is a strong effort with thoughtful lyrics and several standout tunes that are sure to become future number one hits for the extremely-talented artist.

A first for him is Young co-wrote every song on the album this time.  He also co-produced like with his last 2 projects.  This is his third release in 3 years.  He is clearly on a roll, staying extremely busy, and fresh off his Opry induction, which is so richly-deserved for him.  He has worked very hard to get where he is over the course of many years and maintains a strong work ethic throughout, which is why he has seen such success.

As usual, Young’s voice is perfection on this release.  Basically, he could sing the phonebook and make it sound good with his distictive baritone voice.  Young exhibits such control with his voice, as always.  He can be a powerhouse vocalist when he wants to or sing a beautiful, slower ballad flawlessly.

Heartbreaking and beautiful are: “Losing Sleep”“Where I Go When I Drink”, and the album’s signature song, “Blacked Out.”  You can’t say that these are anything other than pure country.

My personal favorite off the album that I can’t seem to get enough of playing over and over is the uptempo & lighter, “She’s Got A Way”.

Buy this album now.  Just released October 20th.  It will appeal to all country fans whether you are into a more traditional sound or contemporary, there is something for everyone on this.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Track list for LOSING SLEEP:

1. “Losing Sleep” (Chris Young, Chris DeStefano, Josh Hoge)
2. “Hangin’ On” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge)
3. “Holiday” (Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Johnny Bulford, Corey Crowder)
4. “Radio and the Rain” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge)
5. “Where I Go When I Drink” (Chris Young, Tyler Reeve, Trent Tomlinson)
6. “She’s Got a Way” (Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Corey Crowder)
7. “Leave Me Wanting More” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, John Pierce)
8. “Trouble Looking” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Liz Rose)
9. “Woke Up Like This” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge)
10. “Blacked Out” (Chris Young, Josh Hoge, Jon Randall)

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Album Review: Tyminski | ‘Southern Gothic’

He was the deep, bluegrassy singing voice of George Clooney’s character in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou’, a GRAMMY winner, and member of Alison Krauss & Union Station.

The new album, ‘Southern Gothic’ from Universal Nashville’s newest addition to their tremendous roster, Tyminski, is quite special. The first time I heard it, it gave me chills and I could not get the music out of my head.  It’s actually kind of indescribable. You can’t fit this one in the genre box. It’s swampy, haunting, cathartic, reflective, a little country, Americana, indie rock even…it’s magnificent and my favorite album to come out in a long time.

Do yourself a favor and buy this album. Grab a glass of wine or whiskey might be a little more appropriate for this one, turn up the volume, and be prepared to feel transported down to the deep southern cities of Savannah and New Orleans through the lyrical imagery of this musical masterpiece.  Imagine cities where Spanish moss hangs low from trees near over 100-year old southern mansions like the Garden District of New Orleans, and around every street corner you know there is some history, often a slightly sorted history that will intrigue you.  It’s just a vibe in both cities that is both unmistakable and indescribable, which is how I would describe this new album from Tyminski.

Better yet, grab a copy of this album, pack your bag, pop it in your car’s cd player, and take a weekend trip yourself down to these beautiful southern cities to see what I mean.  It’s the perfect soundtrack to accompany you along the way, if you decide to live it up and explore what I think inspired this album or at least what I imagine inspired it.

Watch this mesmerizing new video of the title track, “Southern Gothic”, my favorite off the album, by clicking HERE.  You’ll want to watch it over & over like me.

You’re going to love this one.  Buy it today!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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Jerrod Niemann Releases New Album, ‘This Ride’; Celebrates At Hemingway’s Bar & Hideaway

Jerrod Niemann just released his fourth studio album and first on Curb Records after signing his new deal with them entitled, ‘This Ride’, on October 6th.

This release is his most adventurous yet with a strong indie rock influence throughout.  He’s taking chances and doing his own thing, which works well for him and something he is known for.  I don’t think those fans yearning for a traditional country sound will really appreciate this newest album due to the heavy influence of indie rock infused with contemporary country.  However, for fans looking for good music that is well-written and looking for an escape from the everyday reality of life, it will be right up their alley.

Be sure to buy it! It’s available everywhere that music is sold.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to hear the new album in advance of the release at the album launch celebration that was held at Hemingway’s Bar & Hideaway in Nashville just prior to the album dropping on October 6th.

It was the perfect setting to host the celebration that included all of the songwriters that he collaborated with on this album, label, team, friends, and media.  This upscale bar/restaurant is new to Nashville with a drink menu and rustic-chic decor inspired by the renowned writer, Ernest Hemingway.  I particularly enjoyed the Steve McQueen and the daiquiri.

I found the food to be incredibly-tasty and adventurous.  My personal favorite food they served were the brussels sprouts that were savory and oh-so-flavorful.  I helped myself to 2 servings of it.  Seriously, you must give them a try!

It’s nestled in an industrial area off the normal beaten track near downtown Nashville.  With the way Nashville is growing, I have no doubt more businesses will be popping up in the same area.

Located at 438 Houston Street in Nashville.  Be sure to check it out if looking for something a bit different and an escape just like Jerrod Niemann’s new album, ‘This Ride’.  Both will be well-worth your time.

‘This Ride’ track listing & songwriters:

  1. “Zero to Crazy” (Ashley Gorley, Chris DeStefano, Shane McAnally)
  2. “But I Do” (Josh Osborne, Jimmy Robbins, Jon Nite)
  3. “Leavin’ a Trail” (Corey Crowder, Luke Dick, Cole Taylor)
  4. “I Got This” (Rodney Clawson, Josh Osborne, Luke Dick)
  5. “Out Of My Heart” (Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Chris DeStefano)
  6. “A Little More Love” with Lee Brice (Ross Copperman, Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Kristi Neumann)
  7. “God Made a Woman” (Michael Ray, Joel Shewmake, Jeff Hyde)
  8. “Whiskey Waitin’ On Ice” (Jerrod Niemann, Lance Miller, Rob Hatch, Brandon Hood)
  9. “Feelin’” (Jeremy Stover, Chris Janson, Luke Dick)
  10. “I Ain’t All There” featuring Diamond Rio (Jerrod Niemann, Lance Miller, Richie Brown)
  11. “Come Back” (Jimmy Yeary, Matt Dragstrem, Craig Wiseman)
  12. “The Regulars” (CJ Solar, Tina Parol, Jessie Jo Dillon)
  13. “This Ride” (JT Harding, AJ Babcock, Pete Good)
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Album Review: Carly Pearce | ‘Every Little Thing’

For several years now, I have heard about Carly Pearce on the music scene; well before she was signed to Big Machine.  I always seemed to just miss her performance.

Finally, at this past year’s CRS (Country Radio Seminar), I got to see her perform live for the first time at the Big Machine luncheon showcase and she did not disappoint.

Pearce is releasing her debut album on Big Machine entitled, ‘Every Little Thing’, on October 13th.  It is produced by busbee.  Just to sum it up, I think it is aptly named because there really IS something to love about every little thing on this album.

“Every Little Thing” is also the title of the first single off this album.  If this beautiful ballad does not hit #1, I’ll be incredibly disappointed.  It has all the makings of a great hit and such an emotional song that many can relate to when they lose a loved one.

Carly Pearce’s voice is powerful.  She sings with conviction, great control, and emotion that is incredibly moving.  I can’t say enough good things about her vocals.

There is something for every country music lover on this album.   The songwriting is strong and deep throughout the album.  Thankfully, no mention of beer, pick-up trucks or dirt roads.   “Honeysuckle” is exuberant and playful midtempo.  “Dare Ya”, “Catch Fire”, and “Everybody Gonna Talk” are sassy mid to uptempo tunes.  “If My Name Was Whiskey” is poignant and moving ballad.  It is probably my very favorite off the album.

Honestly, I can go straight down the tracklisting and tell you something I enjoy about each song.  There is no song that I want to skip over and it is on repeat right now.  It is such a strong album in whole and I feel would appeal to any country music fan whether you like the contemporary country sound or more traditional roots.  Pearce tends to lean a little more traditional very reminiscent of early works by Sara Evans with just the right blend of contemporary to appeal to a broad audience.

In short, I think Carly Pearce has the potential to become one of the great, standout female A-list vocalists that you’ll be hearing about for many years to come in country music along the lines of greats like Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Reba, and Carrie Underwood just to mention a few who have all stood the test of time.  She is certainly one to watch and I strongly recommend buying this album when released.  It is one of the best I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 


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Carissa Leigh Releases Charity Song In Support Of Operation Stand Down For Military Families

Country artist Carissa Leigh is releasing her charity single “At Night” on Friday, May 26th just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  She will be donating all proceeds from the release to Operation Stand Down. “At Night” was produced by Los Angeles trailblazer, Tone Def (Green Day, Santana, Outkast, Black Eye Peas.)

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Song Review: Lucy Angel | “Public Pool Party”

Just in time for summer, Lucy Angel brings us a cool, new summer jam called “Public Pool Party”.

Written by Emily Anderton, Jake Anderton, Kate Anderton, Lindsay Anderton and Summer Overstreet.  Produced by Noah Gordon.

This song has a very fun, catchy groove that will immediately draw you in, and you’ll probably be hitting repeat a lot.  I know that I did.  Love the blend of their beautiful harmonies.  This infectious tune will have you wanting to head for the pool and jamming to it all summer long.   It’s the perfect summer jam.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 


About Lucy Angel
-Kate, Lindsay and Emily Anderton comprise the family trio
-Debut single “Crazy Too” reached No. 51 on the Billboard/Mediabase chart
-Brand new summer single “Public Pool Party” to be released in May of 2017
-Currently in the studio recording a new EP due out the first quarter of 2017
– 13-Episode docu-series “Discovering Lucy Angel” starring Lucy Angel and their family is currently available on NETFLIX
The docu-series previously aired on AXS TV network and the UK’s SHOWBIZ TV network
-Recently performed on the 20th season of ABC’s The Bachelor
-Following The Bachelor performance, “I’d Be Lyin” from their self-titled album, reached No. 26 on the iTunes chart
-Recently launched YouTube vlog channel “Life With Lucy Angel”
-Lucy Angel’s self-titled album is available in Walmart and Target stores nationwide and debuted on iTunes as a “New and Noteworthy” album
-“Crazy Too” debuted on SiriusXM The Highway as a featured Highway Find single
-Recently opened for Jake Owen, Dustin Lynch, Chris Young, Kip Moore, Craig Campbell, Chris
Janson, A Thousand Horses, Big & Rich, Montgomery Gentry, The Cadillac Three, Charlie Daniels, Jerrod Niemann, Casey James, Neal McCoy and more
-Have toured internationally in Japan, Switzerland and China and were honored as the very first
Western/American act to ever sing at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, Beijing
“With their impossibly close, God-given family harmonies, the Anderton women evoke comparisons to Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton. After AXS TV ran a special on the family entitled “Discovering Lucy Angel” one thing was
clear: these girls were destined for stardom.”-

“Family trio Lucy Angel is percolating on the Country Airplay chart with its debut hit, “Crazy Too” (G-Force/New
Revolution), as the plucky track bullets at No. 60. Comprising Kate Anderton and her daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton, the act has become visible via AXS TV‘s docu-series Discovering Lucy Angel and is currently making
the promo rounds at country radio.” – Billboard

“Lucy Angel has a lot of potential in the country scene; vocally, they are in the same league as such country artists as Leann Rimes and Heidi Newfield.”-Markos Papadatos, Reporter at Broken Records Magazine
“Lucy Angel comes to Nashville with a ton of charisma, hook-laden songs, and more importantly – a heavy dose of talent.” –Chuck Dauphin, Reporter at Billboard
“Sprightly, brightly rocking. Their pert trio harmonies are flawless, and the lickety-split tempo tune of a guy who drives the gals nuts is ear catching, too.” -Robert Oermann, MusicRow Magazine

“It has been a while since an all-female trio graced our airwaves in country music, but if this is any indication then we are on the verge of the next trio of females doing just that.” –Editor at One Stop Country

Have Recently Been Seen In…
– Country Weekly: Two-page spread
– East Valley Tribune (Mesa, AZ): Cover story
-Franklin Life Magazine (Franklin, TN): Cover story and three-page spread
-Williamson Herald (Franklin, TN): Full-page story
-Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ): Full-page story
-My City Journals (Sandy, UT): Full-page story

Have Recently Been Seen On…
-ABC’s The Bachelor: Performed on ABC’s hit romantic reality show garnering millions of views
-Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family: Performed and interviewed on the national entertainment show

Find out much more about them at:


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Album Review: Delta Rae | “A Long And Happy Life”

Delta Rae just released their debut 4-track EP with Big Machine entitled “A Long And Happy Life”.   Continue Reading →

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