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CMT Next Women Of Country Artist: Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell at CMT Next Women of Country celebration this past November.

I had the pleasure of catching up with several of CMT Next Women of Country artists this past November as we celebrated 5 years of this program created by Leslie Fran to spotlight up and coming female country artists.

One of the artists I was able to talk with was critically-aclaimed songstress & multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Ell signed to Broken Bow Records.

In the fall of 2017, Lindsay released her debut full length album, THE PROJECT, produced by the uber-talented Kristian Bush (Sugarland), who she credits for helping her find her sound.  The album debuted at #1 and since then, Ell has been on a musical whirlwine ride traveling across the U.S. and internationally to tour with Brad Paisley to performing alongside multiple guitar legends in Guitar Legends for Heroes on November 29, 2017 at Terminal 5 in New York City, an all-star show benefitting our military, veterans and their loved ones.

Lindsay Ell performing with multiple guitar legends at Guitar Legends for Heroes in NYC Nov. 2017.
Photo credit: Lucas Kammerer

Two of Lindsay’s favorite songs on her album that she co-wrote are “Champagne” and “Castle” since both allow her to “step outside of her comfort zone” and have fun on stage.

Find Lindsay Ell’s THE PROJECT on iTunes and Google Play.

Lindsay’s favorite memories this year have come from being on tour with Brad Paisley.  Aside from simply being a great experience in front of huge crowds, Paisley does things for his tourmates like renting out a movie theatre to watch the latest installment of “Spiderman”, renting out a go-kart track to race go-karts, and much more.

She had a blast on the road in 2017 and is currently preparing to rejoin country superstar Brad Paisley on the road for his WEEKEND WARRIOR WORLD TOUR  kicking-off on January 25th in Los Angeles at STAPLES Center.

She will also be joining Sugarland for a few dates on their STILL THE SAME TOUR.

For more information and dates to find out where you can see Lindsay, please visit:

Needless to say, things aren’t slowing down anytime soon for Ell, and we wish her the best of luck in the year ahead! Find her on social media to keep up with what she has going on daily.

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Our Top 10 Picks For Artists To Watch In 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, we want to give you some of our picks and the top 10 artists we think you should keep an eye on in 2018.  Some you have heard of and some maybe you haven’t, but we think that you should! We are most excited about these artists and had a hard time narrowing the list down to only 10.

Here goes, in no particular order and from any genre.   We hope you’ll take a closer look and get to know these talented artists!

Aubrie Sellers:  Aubrie is signed to Warner Music and has a background deeply rooted in music.  She is the daughter of Lee Ann Womack and Jason Seelers.

With a strong voice that is pure country set to an edgier sound that she describes as “garage country”, she is an artist on the rise.

The first time I heard her, I was mezmerized by her sound and stage presence.  The girl’s just got swagger playing electric guitar on stage and has this slightly mysterious, edgy presence on stage.   Off stage, she is all smiles and an absolute sweetheart.

Delta Rae:  Delta Rae has stood out to me from the first time I heard them about 5 years ago.  They are signed to The Valory Music Co./Big Machine.  Their harmonies are strong with powerful lead vocals.

They’re best known for their energy, big percussion accompaniment, and the occassional stomping on stage.  As good as they are recorded, they really bring it live and it’s infectious.

Devin Dawson:  Devin has been on my radar since we first got to see him perform at a Pepsi event for discovering new artists this past summer.

Signed to Warner Music, his sound and vocals are smooth.  I could listen to him all day, honestly.  To me, he’s the John Mayer of country music and you’ll be hearing a lot more from him.

Ryan Kinder: Another artist on Warner Music that we’re excited about is Ryan Kinder.  Ryan absoultely shreds the guitar, has a more progressive country sound infused with indie rock, and exudes a strong stage presence.

Definitely keep your eye on him!

Lara Johnston:  Lara has a powerful voice reminscent of such great vocalists as Pink and Kelly Clarkson, she is a force to be reckoned with who leans towards a pop with a soul-infused, retro-influenced sound much like Maren Morris.   Her stage presence is charismatic, confident, and that of a seasoned professional well beyond her years.

Currently unsigned, we think a label should snatch her up and soon! We’re scratching our heads why she isn’t signed already.

She has a new album to be released this year, and we think she is one to get on your radar.

Drake White:  Drake has been around for a little bit and we’re surprised he hasn’t quite taken off just yet.  We think it is only a matter of time, though.

His sound is a swampy, soulful country sound exuding a passion and enthusiasm that is best experienced live, but certainly translates well recorded, too.

Smithfield:  This charismatic duo from Texas has a special quality between them with a strong stage presence, great vocals, and radio-friendly pop country songs.

Another unsigned act that a label needs to snatch up quickly and we’re wondering why they haven’t already.

We think you’ll be hearing more from them!

Jordan Davis: Universal Music Group’s Jordan Davis should be on your radar.  Reminscent of Sam Hunt, Jordan will be an artist to be reckoned with very soon with his smooth vocals and great songs.

Keep your eyes on him!

Morgan Evans:  Sadly, right now Warner Music’s Morgan Evans is probably best known to people as Kelsea Ballerini’s other half and new husband.  That’s not a bad thing, BUT Morgan Evans is a great artist in his own right from Australia that we think should keep on your radar to hrar much more from.

Charismatic, charming, a great entertainer with strong songs who can bring it on stage alone without a full band.  We want the opportunity to see him with a full band soon knowing he will shine and can’t wait to hear much more from him!

LANco: We have loved LANco’s sound and their live stage performance since we first saw them perform last January at 3rd and Lindsley.  They light up on stage and exude such an incredible energy.

Signed to Sony Music, they have just obtained their 1st number one song and we think you’ll be hearing much more from them in 2018.  They are taking off!

Honorable mentions since this was a tough list to compose:

Drew Baldridge:  Signed to Cold River Records, Drew is fun & charismatic.  Such an entertainer live.  He and his band always look like they are having an absolute ball on stage!

High Valley: This Canadian duo signed to Warner Music is full of energy and great songs! Love their pop country with bluegrass infused sound.

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Delta Rae: Big Percussion. Big voices. Why You Need To Know Them.

One of my new favorite groups is signed to Big Machine/Valory Music Company, Delta Rae.

Delta Rae formed in 2009 and are originally from Durham, NC.  The 6-piece band is comprised of Liz Hopkins and Brittany Holljes, who front the group taking lead vocals.  Harmonies by Eric Holljes (vocals, piano) and Ian Holljes (vocals, guitar).  Mike McKee on drums and Grant Emerson on bass.

Their new single just released to country radio is “No Peace in Quiet”, a beautiful ballad written by Eric Holljes during a difficult time in his life following a break-up.  Finding himself very alone in his apartment following the break-up, the song flowed out of him as he struggled to come to terms with a loss he blamed himself for and seeking some solace in music.  It’s a very personal song for him that is even difficult for him to talk about, much less take lead to sing it.  Liz takes the lead singing this song with harmonies from all.  A mesmerizing and heartfelt song.

Such a great lunch today with @bigmachinelabelgroup & @deltarae!! Tacos, Coke, & great music…What more could I ask for?! 🌮🎶 Several video clips to watch here of their acoustic performance for us. They are fantastic! Get to know their music & buy their EP online at iTunes or Google Play today! 💕 ———————————————————————————— Well, I inadvertently had some product placement in the first video sipping on a Coke during the show, I just noticed! Brought a @cocacola & a #smile, don't you think?! 😉🤣 Coke in a glass bottle is THE BEST ever. I don't know if it REALLY tastes better from a glass bottle rather than a can or plastic bottle, but it sure seems that way! 😄 ▪ ▪ ▪ #deltarae #bigmachine #acoustic #music # #country #nashvilletn #nashville #tennessee #instamusic #insta #instagram #instagramer #instagramers #instagood #instadaily #new #cool #instavideo #video #videos #videooftheday

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Ever since I first saw this group perform a few years back, they have stood out to me.  Intriguing and just different from everyone else out there.

Their passion for the music, energy, harmonies, and larger-than-life performances create magic from their stage.  It’s not something that can be defined or explained by simple words.  They must be experienced live, then you’ll understand the special, intriguing qualities that make this group different and ones you need to watch.

Watch the video for their current single; “No Peace In Quiet” here:




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Nashville-Based Rock Band SWEETTALKER Releases “Black Magic” In Time For Halloween

Nashville-based roots rock band, SWEETTALKER, just released a new single, “Black Magic”, on October 26th.

The dark, riffy, hard driving rock song is a nod back to timeless classic rockers, punk and psychedelic rock bands.  The song is about being unable to shake the “spell” that an ex-lover casts upon you as they re-appear in your life just when you least expect it never quite allowing you to forget them as you are drawn back into their “web”.  Something I think most can relate to if you have ever had an ex you find difficult to get over when they keep re-appearing in your life.

They first hit the Nashville scene in early 2016, and can best be described as root rock revival of warm and vintage sounds filled with hard driving guitar riffs.

SWEETTALKER got their name from the mom of one of the band members saying out of frustration that they would probably become a car salesman one day because could sweet talk their way out of almost anything or into it as a young kid.  Looking for a catchy name, it just seemed to be the perfect fit for the band and it stuck.

SWEETTALKER have spent the past two years touring all over the Southeast and Midwest U.S., honing their craft and growing their fanbase.

Catch them in a city near you as they set out in support of their new single, “Black Magic”.

Listen to SWEETTALKER’s new single “Black Magic”

For more information on SWEETTALKER, please visit:

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A Spotlight On Some Of The Stars Of Cavalia’s Odysseo

Photo credit: Jak Wonderly

No doubt you have probably seen the big white top tent off of Briley near Gaylord Opryland, attended the show or noticed one of the billboards all around Nashville advertising Cavalia’s Odysseo. Sadly, the incredible production is coming to the end of its run in Nashville as it continues only for a few more days through October 22nd, then heads out for a run in California.

Watch a fun timelapse video shot by a drone of Cavalia’s Odysseo as setting up their tent in Nashville by clicking here.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, here is a brief run down. The live show features 65 beautiful horses in a huge, picturesque theatre setting where they are free to perform and express themselves on stage. The horses, along with their 50 human international co-stars from 11 countries that includes riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, singers and musicians, create something truly special and memorable. Have I convinced you now, if you haven’t already seen a performance since they arrived in town the end of August? Good!

If you have had the opportunity to attend one of their performances, you’ve witnessed the incredible skill, athleticism, and artistry they demonstrate with each show. Afterwards, you’ve probably found yourself, like me, wondering what it is actually like to be a cast member of this magnificent touring production and what it takes to become part of Cavalia’s Odysseo.

They make it look so easy, effortless, and like a heck of a lot of fun when they are on stage. Behind the make-up, great hair and fancy, decorative costumes are highly-trained athletes who have spent almost their entire lives honing and perfecting their skills. What we see during their performance is just a small glimpse into their world. Behind it all are hours and hours of practice, warm-ups, flexibility & strength training, keeping themselves in peak physical condition, looking after their horses, etc. They can’t do it all alone and are supported in the production behind-the-scenes by producers, directors, assistants, stable assistants, costume designers, hair stylists, veterinarians, medical staff, and more. It truly is a small village coming together to put on a show almost every single night.

I recently met a couple of the stars of this spectacular production, Chelsea Jordan from Camas, Washington and Yoann Levesque from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Each graciously offered their time to talk with me about their experiences with Cavalia’s Odysseo and their backgrounds. Watch the video below to find out more about these extraordinarily-talented artists & athletes:

For those wondering, the animal stars of the production, the horses, are treated with the utmost respect and cared for with the highest standards in mind. These esquisite companions, who are equally stars along with their riders, enjoy daily grazing in fresh air in open fields. They are brushed and groomed daily. Given spacious stalls that are always in the same order so they are close to horses they are familiar with. The stables are clean and kept cool so the horses do not become too hot. If in a cold climate, they are kept warm. They are always thought of first.

During the 2 weeks off between the move from one city to the next as they prepare for a new run of shows in a different tour stop, the horses enjoy a vacation of their own. When they first came to Nashville, for instance, the horses stayed out on a beautiful farm in Franklin, TN, as they were allowed to graze, run, and play freely in the open, green pastures.

Very meticulous, thoughtful care for the horses is a top priority, and the riders each share a very special bond with the horses they are picked to work with for the production. Stable staff and the riders all share in the responsibilities of taking optimum care of the horses.

For more information & tickets, go to Get your tickets fast before they sell out completely. They are only in town for a few more days through October 22nd and you don’t want to miss it!


Cavalia is an entertainment company that specializes in the creation, production and touring of innovative shows. Founded by Normand Latourelle and Dominique Day, our company reimagines the equestrian and theatrical arts. With our headquarters in Montreal, Cavalia is an integral part of Canada’s cultural heritage, and the largest Canadian-owned cultural enterprise.

Our expertise in high technology, multimedia and special effects creates magical, unique, never-before-seen experiences. Our first show, Cavalia, has been seen by more than 5 million people across North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia since its 2003 debut. Odysseo, our company’s second show, has toured to rave reviews and public acclaim since its 2011 premiere.

Our productions have made an indelible mark on the world of live entertainment with our one-of-a-kind homage to the age-old bond between human and horse. Our equine performers are the heart and soul of each Cavalia and Odysseo show. We are committed to nurturing them and prioritizing their comfort and well-being.


Cavalia’s approach is based on training methods designed to ensure that the horses enjoy training with us and performing on stage. Trainers pay close attention to the horses to make sure that every request is understood, and remain respectful of what the horses are ready to offer. Our philosophy is rooted in patience, trust and deep-seated respect. This genuine sense of caring and authenticity is inevitably what resonates with our audiences.


To bring this spectacular production to life, Artistic Director and Creator Normand Latourelle surrounded himself with some of the brightest creative minds from Quebec and around the world. They have pooled their respective talents together to produce the astonishing adventure that is Odysseo.


Watch the trailer for more of the show by clicking here.

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Exclusive Debut: GRAMMY-Nominated Singer/Songwriter Matthew West’s “Jesus & You”

GRAMMY-nominated Christian singer/songwriter, Matthew West, has a brand new lyric video for his song, “Jesus & You”, that we’re excited to make it available to you on FOCUS on the 615!

This is new track from his upcoming album, ‘All In’, which will be releasing on September 22nd.

Watch it by clicking here or going to:  We’re loving it and think you will, too!


Matthew West is a four-time GRAMMY® nominee, a multiple-ASCAP Christian Music Songwriter/Artist of the Year winner and Dove Award recipient, and was awarded an American Music Award (2013), a Billboard Music Award (Top Christian Artist, 2014), a K-LOVE Fan Award (2016), and named Billboard’s Hot Christian Songwriter of the Year (2016). West also received a Primetime Emmy® Award nomination for Original Music & Lyrics for “The Heart of Christmas” from the film of the same name. In addition to his own recording career, he has co-hosted the K-LOVE Fan Awards three times and has more than 130 songwriting credits to his name, including cuts by Rascal Flatts, Scotty McCreery, Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Mandisa, among others. Selling more than 1.6 million albums to date (TEA), West’s discography includes acclaimed releases: Live Forever (2015), GRAMMY-nominated Into The Light (2012), The Story of Your Life (2010), Something to Say (2008),  History (2005) and Happy (2003).

Well known for communicating stories through song, Matthew West has received thousands of stories from around the world. His latest studio album, Live Forever, continues that storytelling theme and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Sales Chart. He has obtained numerous No. 1 singles, most recently with “Grace Wins,” while achieving a record-setting No. 1 for 17 straight weeks at radio with “Hello, My Name Is” and “The Motions” for 15 weeks.

Adding author to his list of accolades, West has written five books to date: Give This Christmas Away, The Story Of Your Life, ForgivenessToday Is Day One, and his newest release, Hello My Name Is. He is also passionate about providing hope and healing through the power of prayer and story, so along with his father Pastor Joe West he founded popwe, a non-profit ministry helping others to craft, share, and live a more meaningful life. Please visit for more information.

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Artist Spotlight: Get To Know Airpark

Photo credit: Melissa Madison Fuller

Nashville-indie rock duo, Airpark, will release their second EP entitled, ‘Early Works Vol. 2’ on September 15th.  They’ll celebrate with a show at The High Watt in Nashville on September 20th.  Don’t miss it!

The Nashville-based duo is made up of brothers Michael and Ben Ford, who formed the band after their previous project, The Apache Relay, called it quits.  With Airpark, the brothers create deconstructed pop music, focusing on songs that pack a punch with bold, basic ingredients.

1) How did you get together as a group?


“We’re brothers and have been playing music together since we were 11 and 12. Our previous project disbanded in 2015 and we took a solid year to write and record with no preconceived notions. The formation of our duo came out of that time and we formed officially in late 2016.”


2) Where are you from?


“We grew up right outside of New Orleans. It was awesome to be exposed to all the music of that area while growing up. It’s something I have only become more thankful for the older I get.”


3) How would you describe your sound?


“Our taste is pretty eclectic and it’s always tricky trying to be objective about your own art. We consider it to be groove focused, alternative pop.”


4) What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as artists?


“I think continuing to be vulnerable with your writing and knowing that your letting people into the most personal aspects of your life. That’s also what seems to make for the best art though…”


5) What has been your favorite, most memorable experience so far?


“We recently did a run of dates with Tennis. Not only are we fans of their art but they were wonderful people to be around.  Their crowds were also very receptive to our tunes.”


6) What do you like to do when not making music?


“We’re both big film nerds these days. We love going to the Belcourt Theater to see movies and documentaries. We also go to 3rd Coast Comedy occasionally to check out their improv.”  


7) Tell us about your newest song and/or album out.


“It feels like a continuation of our first EP but more filled out sonically. On our first release we really kept it very intentionally minimalistic. With this collection of songs it naturally wanted to grow and we allowed that to happen.”


8) Do you enjoy the songwriting process and do you write your own songs?


“We’ve been writing our own songs since we were 11 and 12. I’ve always found the process of songwriting to be pretty elusive. Every song seems to come together differently and often times seemingly at it’s own pace. It can be the most rewarding thing in the world and the next moment, the most frustrating. For us, that’s what keeps the process intriguing.” 


9) What’s next for you?


“Heavy, heavy touring behind the new release. We’ll be on the road pretty regularly from now until Thanksgiving. A lot of these shows will be our first time playing some of these cities. We’re looking forward to seeing how the new songs come across.” 


10) Favorite place to eat in Nashville.


“Dino’s! The Porter Road Butcher burger with their fries. It’s a glorious thing.” 

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Artist Spotlight: Sandra Lynn Talks About Newest Single, “Hey California”, And Much More

Photo credit: Jean Claude

Get to know this California native and talented country artist. Hear all about her newest single and much more below!

What’s the name of your new single and what is it about?

“My latest single is called, ‘Hey California.’ It debuted on Radio Disney during their ‘Country Spotlight’ hour, and its the first single off of my upcoming debut full-length album that’s in the works to release soon. It’s a song that I co-wrote with songwriter/producer, Dave Brainard. When Dave and I first sat down together to write it, I told him I wanted to write a song that had a little bit of a Beach Boys vibe to it. My parents always listened to the Beach Boys’ records when I was a child, and I remember especially loving their Endless Summer album. I also wanted to write a country song that gave a nod to my Southern California roots—a song that has a Summertime, playful, California dreamin,’ vibe to it.”

Did you write the song? 

“Yes, I co-wrote it with Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, Dave Brainard.”

What artists inspire you most musically?

“As a child, I always looked up to female country music artists such as Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, the Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, and Sara Evans. The list goes on…I always remember hearing these powerful female voices on country radio when I was a kid. I remember the first time I heard Deana Carter’s song, ‘Strawberry Wine’, come on the radio. I remember exactly where I was at the time—out in Chino, CA in the car with my mom, parked at a stoplight, and that song came on the radio…it’s the song that made we want to sing and write country music. I also looked up to artists such as the Beach Boys, Sheryl Crow, and Michelle Branch, and I think you can hear some of those influences in my latest single.”

What lead you to pursue music? How did you get your start?

“I started performing from a young age. I began dancing when I was three, acting when I was five, and singing when I was seven. Performing has always been in my blood, and I’ve always loved country music. As I said previously, when I heard ‘Strawberry Wine’ first come on the radio, that was when I knew I wanted to sing and write country music. In fact, I definitely had one of my childhood dreams fulfilled recently when I got to write with Deana Carter. It was such a surreal experience, and when we first met, I told her I was having a ‘geek-out’ moment with her because she’s the reason I wanted to sing country music ;).”

What is the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome as an artist?

“Being true to who I am as a person in my artistry. In other words, the common phrase, “be yourself.” It sounds cliché, but I 100% believe it. As human beings, we all want to connect with one another—we all want someone to relate to us in one way or the other—and we all live in a fickle, on-demand world these days. Music is subjective, but music is also an escape. The artists and music I’ve always connected to are the ones that lay it all out on the line—the ones that are vulnerable, where I feel like I can relate to them in some way. That’s what I strive to do with my own music in the hopes that it will resonate with new listeners and fans.”

Three words to describe yourself. 

“Charismatic, funny, kind”

What do you like to do when not making music?

“My husband and I love traveling, hiking, wine tasting, game nights with friends, visiting with family, and our five cats.”

What’s coming up next for you?

“My official music video for “Hey California” will be releasing really soon, so I’ll be excited for you to check that out! We filmed it out in Los Angeles, CA in iconic locations such as the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame,’ the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and up and down the coast of Malibu. It also features my friend and actor, Liam McNeill as our ‘Mr. Hey California’ in the video (Manchester by the Sea). We’ve got some live dates booked out on the road as well that are coming up, and lots more music coming for ya! I’ll be sharing all of these updates and more on my social media (@sandralynnmusic) and my website ( so make sure to check those out, as well as head over to Spotify to hear ‘Hey California!'”

Watch talented country artist Sandra Lynn’s playful tune called, “Hey California” by clicking here.  Love the vibe to this one, and like holding on to a little bit of summer as we start to change seasons!

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Jessie James Decker Partners With Tide Loads Of Hope

On Friday, August 18th, Tide Loads of Hope in partnership with country singer, designer, reality star, and wife of Tennessee Titan Eric Decker, Jessie James Decker, kicked off a cross-country journey called “Driving for Hope” and Nashville was the first stop to help those at the Nashville Rescue Mission.

Tide Loads of Hope is a mobile laundromat that travels across the country offering full service laundry to those people in-need and affected by crisis.  It was originally created in response to help those devastated by Hurricane Katrina to provide some comfort to people in the midst of crisis.  Something that we take for granted every day, but for those in these sort of circumstances it provides a desperate need and gives a sense of normalcy during an uncertain time.  Since its inception, Tide has helped to renew hope, normalcy, and provide their mobile services to over 45,000 families across the country.

Jessie James Decker has a love for giving back to her community and is thrilled to be partnered with this cross country initiative.  “Driving for Hope” is a clothing drive to collect, renew, and donate clothing directly to families in need and in crisis across the U.S.  With the recent Hurricane Harvey damage in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas, this need is heightened.  “When Tide Loads of Hope called and told me that they would like to partner together for a clothing drive in Nashville, I loved the opportunity to give back in my hometown. I love how simple it is – washing clothing for someone in need can give them so much confidence.”

We loved the opportunity to speak with Jessie James Decker about her involvement with Tide Loads of Hope and “Driving for Hope”.

Thank you to Tide and Jessie James Decker for your service to the Nashville community!

On a lighter side, here’s few more fun facts and what’s going on with Jessie!

Favorite place to eat in Nashville?

“My favorite place to eat in Nashville is Epice. It’s an amazing Lebanese restaurant!”

Favorite place to shop in Nashville?

“My favorite place to shop in Nashville is the Nordstrom at the Mall at Green Hills.”

What do you like to do when not making music?

“When I’m not working on my music, I love being with my kids, and giving them 1:1 time. It’s so important! I also like to work on my fashion line and explore Nashville. Nashville has grown so much over the last four years – I like to check out the scene and try new restaurants!”

What’s next for you careerwise?

“I have a full album coming out in October!”

We can’t wait to hear more from her in the near future!




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Powerhouse Vocalist, Lara Johnston, Performs At AURORA Nashville

Lara Johnston performing at AURORA Nashville.
Photo credit: Patrice Majors

California native and powerhouse vocalist, Lara Johnston, recently performed a full band show on April 26th at the beautiful AURORA Nashville hosted by Caroline Hobby from Nashville Insider and “The Amazing Race”.

With her soulful pop sound and a voice reminiscent of today’s music greats like Kelly Clarkson or Pink, Johnston entertained a packed audience inside the AURORA Nashville studio while streaming live to an audience around the country through the AURORA site.

Johnston, just recently off the road after a world tour as backing vocalist for the iconic Don Henley, is confident, entertaining and takes full command of the stage.

Photo credit: Patrice Majors

Her songs are full of soul with her own pop mixture added and inspired by her musical influences of Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and many more Motown musical greats.

This is an artist to watch and one to see live as she delivers her original tunes with such an incredibly-strong voice that very few can muster.  Certainly a standout and a cut above many young artists today as she basically delivers what can only be described as a masterclass of voice & overall performance as she takes the stage.

She is a seasoned and polished performer who should be a household name already.  Think only time will tell for this star in the making who is making a buzz in Nashville.

Watch for her new album to be released very soon.

Lara Johnston and band pose with Caroline Hobby and staff member of AURORA Nashville following performance.
Photo credit: Patrice Majors


About AURORA Nashville

AURORA Nashville, a division of renowned audio and technology company THIEL Audio, is an entertainment solutions provider that combines award-winning production with today’s digital world for the ultimate fan experience.  AURORA Nashville owns and operates a state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD production studio in downtown Nashville that provides a truly customizable experience.  From premiere live stream concerts to sit-down interviews, record release parties and industry events, the studio is the perfect venue for artists to connect with their fans with high-quality content.  It is also home to their own weekly live-stream concert series AURORA Live, which has featured artists such as Kane Brown, Lauren Alaina, Muddy Magnolias, Rhonda Vincent, Jerrod Niemann and many more.

About Lara Johnston

Lara Johnston is emerging as one of pop music’s most dynamic voices.

She is friendly, optimistic and driven to succeed, whether she’s performing her captivating music, touring the world as a singer in Don Henley’s band, or collaborating with Nashville’s songwriting community.

On her new EP recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, Lara taps into her own personal and professional experiences while drawing on the R&B influences that shaped her musical aspirations.

“When I’m writing, it always reflects what I’m going through at that time,” she says. “This has definitely been a time of change for me. I’ve written and experimented with a lot of different sounds. All of them are extensions of what I love, and now I have music that I’m excited to share.”

Lara plans to release new music in the summer of 2017.

Get to know this dynamic, new artist in this video:



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