Album Review: Daphne Willis | FREAKS LIKE ME

Daphne Willis; Dopamine; Pop Artist; Nashville; Songwriter; NAMI; Mental Health; PTSD; Somebody’s Someone

Daphne Willis is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the pop space with her album, Freaks Like Me. Throughout the album, Daphne takes us on a trip of different stories that motivate listeners to climb out of dark areas in their life, remember that  they are cared about, and to keep going no matter how bad the ups and downs are in life. As a whole, Daphne describes this project as the most exhilarating & vulnerable work that she has ever created. Musically speaking, Daphne mixes numerous different sounds and instruments that make the music appealing to a wide range of people.

From the big band and symphonic elements to the guitar strums, you never know what sound you’ll get on the next track. A few stand outs include, “Out of the Black”, “Keep on Keepin’ On” and her viral single “Somebody’s Someone”.

“Out of the Black” is a prideful hit about overcoming the shadows of depression and enjoying all that life has to offer–without medication. It’s a great anthem for anyone that has had struggles with mental illness.

“Keep on Keepin’ On” is an upbeat, energetic tune infused with some great brass instrumentals that are complemented by Daphne’s thoughtful, poetic lyrics. It’s a celebratory song about persevering through difficult times and the strength drawn from the people around you.

“Somebody’s Someone” is a slower, heartfelt melody encouraging listeners to know that they’re loved and valued–it’s probably the one that has resonated the most with her listeners.

Overall, Freaks Like Me is a unique journey through the last few years of Daphne’s life, that anyone can connect with. It’s incredibly honest and raw, with Daphne pouring her heart out in the lyrics and melodies. Daphne shows incredible promise and proves why she is certainly one to watch in the pop music genre.

Listen to the album here.

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