Album Review: The Dirt Drifters “This Is My Blood”

Rarely do I hear an album that I want to listen to each song and not skip over, at least, one or two of the songs.  I mean, that’s normal.  You’re just not going to love every song on an album.  There’s always a weak one.  Always.  No matter how much you like a certain artist’s music, there’s always a weak one that you don’t like as much as the rest of the songs on the album and you skip over it.  It’s only natural.

Well, here’s my problem, I can’t find ONE weak song on the entire album.  Not one! I can’t give you an album review where I tell you what songs are my favorites that stand completely out from the rest and what song or songs I might not be particularly fond of.  What I’m finding here is a beautifully-constructed album chalk full of 11 songs that are compelling, well-written, plain fun to listen to at times, thought-provoking other times, well-composed, and just the type of music that I think will appeal to not only the traditional country fans, but contemporary country fans, too.

I’m really not one to lavish praise unless I truly mean it.  I am so particular about my music and just not so easily impressed, but this album is one of those rare exceptions that all 11 songs flow from one to another so harmoniously and yet are so diverse.  I think it’s a wonderfully-constructed album all the way through from the beginning to the very end.

If I have to pick a favorite or two or three from the album, then “I’ll Shut Up Now” is my absolute favorite.  It’s a mid-tempo song with a bluegrassy stripped-down feel to it that puts me in mind of what I think might happen if Dierks Bentley, REM, Willie Nelson, and Jakob Dylan all got on stage or locked in a recording studio together.   Then, “It Takes A Man” –a playful, uptempo song with a twist on the words about how it takes a man to get a man off your mind.  Followed by the poignant and powerful ballad “Hurt Somebody“.   Those 3 songs stand out the most to me, but really this whole album is just so well-crafted and woven together beautifully.  If you don’t buy it the moment it hits the streets on September 13th, you are going to be missing out!

The Dirt Drifters are: Matt Fleener, Ryan Fleener, Jeff Middleton, Jeremy Little, and Nick Diamond.  I can’t think of exactly who they put me in mind of.  Maybe a cross between Alabama and Dierks Bentley with a little Jakob Dylan thrown in there.

I’m going to stop gushing now.  I’ve gushed enough for the day! Be sure to grab yourself a copy when it hits the streets!

Rated 5 stars out of 5.

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