Ray Scott Talks About His New Album And Being “The Other White Meat” In Country Music

Ray-Scott-Drinkin-Beer-600x600Ray Scott, who I would describe as humble and authentic to the core, just released his new 11-track album produced by Dave Brainard from deciBel Nashville.  Production began just over a year ago on this project as he compiled the songs together and started recording.

With his deep baritone voice, Scott is reminiscent of such musical greats as Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.  Dare I say he reminds me of Johnny Cash a great deal.  Scott is a bit of a departure from today’s sound and chooses to be an outsider from mainstream country by making music his own way on his own terms.

No bro-country here or pop country, you can’t categorize it as that at all.  You will enjoy such songs as the lead off single “Drinkin’ Beer”.  It’s uptempo and very traditional written by Scott and Tony Mullins.  My favorite off the album is the track “Wheels On The House” written by Scott and Brandy Clark sung with some background vocals from Clark herself.  It’s a mid-tempo throwback that you’re sure to love.  I really enjoyed “Leave This World” , which is a beautiful ballad written by Scott with very heartfelt lyrics like “I’ll leave this world loving you.”  

All songs on the album are either written or co-written by Ray Scott.  Scott explains that he really enjoys the process of songwriting taking a storytelling approach and has had the most success with songs that he has written himself.

Those who enjoy a traditional sound with a bit of grit and sung with a smooth, deep baritone voice will enjoy this new release very much.  I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Scott’s personal favorites off this new album are “Ain’t Always Thirsty”, a song born out of a dark, emotional time for him as he was going through a divorce written with Mark Stephen Jones.  Then there is “Tijuana Buzzkill”, which is a true story about Scott going to jail in Tijuana in his younger years written with Phillip Moore.

He describes his music as “the other white meat”–not mainstream or contemporary country, but with an Americana feel and more of a storytelling approach.

After a whirlwind summer of touring all across Europe, Scott’s not slowing down anytime soon and plans to keep taking his music out there to reach those who “want their country back”.   Look for much more to come from Ray Scott!

Rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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