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10 Questions With Yellowire

YellowireI had the pleasure of hearing for the first time, Yellowire, at BMI’s “Jingle Ball” showcase on Monday, December 5th. Yellowire is an incredibly talented indy rock band that came all the way from England. All that I know is there was just something magical when they took the stage that made me want to learn more about them! I think if I had to describe their music, I would say a cross between U2, Beck, and Robbie Williams.  Definitely worth a listen!

Yellowire is comprised of Ol Beach (vocals, piano, guitar), Jim Board (guitar), Billy Brimblecom/Adrian Meehan (drums), Greg Lafollette/Simone Butler (bass).

Want to learn more about Yellowire??? Sure you do! Be sure to check out their video and interview below.  Also, find them at their website: www.yellowire.co.uk

Interview With Lead Singer, Ol Beach:

1) Where is your band based out of?

“The band is based mainly out of London.
We all come from different parts of the UK and London is the meeting point now.”

2) How did you come up with the name of your band?

“I was on tour in South Africa supporting Robbie Williams. I met a masseuse with spiritual connections. She told me that was my bands name. I didn’t want to argue.”


Ol Beach of Yellowire

3) When was your band formed and how did you get together?

We’ve been playing together for a few years now. It’s a very organic process and such a small world of musicians here the line up has been constantly evolving. Everything keeps growing and moving forward. The last dates we had in the US were with a drummer and bass player from Nashville who we met through people. We had one rehearsal and it felt like we’d been playing together for years. I’d be very excited to work with those guys again.”

4) How would you describe your music?

“Indy rock.”

5) Musical influences?

“Influences that go all the way back. The great early players had so much going on. They are very inspiring. We’re just listening and learning all the time. I saw Rachael Yamagata play the other day, she taught me some beautiful lessons.”

6) Do you write your own music?


7) Any plans for touring?

“Hopefully we’re going to be touring again in the US around March 2012. But we’re looking at some recording in Nashville before then so we might try and have one or two gigs during that time as well. In a perfect world.”

8) New music in the works? When being released and where can people buy?

“We are releasing our album in the US next year. You can pre download it from our website and also i-tunes in the US.”

9) Anything exciting in the works for you coming up in the near future?

“We had a great time doing these dates [Jingle Ball] and hopefully after talking with everybody there will be more to come.”

10) Message to your fans?

“Spread the word and have a great Christmas!”


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“Jingle Ball” Rocks — Written By Matt Williams

Jingle BallIt was a night of an eclectic mix of music and holiday fun at Mercy Lounge on Monday December 5. As the holiday leg of BMI’s “8 off 8th” series, 10 artists took to the “Jingle Ball” stage to showcase awesome talent and spread live and loud holiday cheer.

The crowd size varied throughout the night, but was wildly excited the entire time. Each artist only played for 15 minutes, which meant frequent breaks… not entirely ideal for a showcase; however, the incredible talent easily overshadowed the intermittent waiting periods.

First on the bill was Devious Angels, an acoustic duo composed of “Steevie” Steeves and Jon Decious. Their self-proclaimed “homegrown sentiment meets dive bar attitude” showed through as their country sound and rock edge drew the crowd towards the stage.

Next on stage was Yellowire, a band that came all the way from England. After a great up-tempo start, front man Ol Beach switched from guitar to piano for a couple mid-tempo electro acoustic anthems with a sound fit for festivals.

Following the British rockers were the “Road to Bonnaroo” winners, Uncle Skeleton. The ensemble had no less than 10 people on stage, including three violins front and center, a horn section, a couple keyboards and guitars. The first couple songs had no words, just a mass collection of groovy sound. The band ended with a jamming cover of Wonderful Christmas Time.

No one could quite prepare for what came next: YouTube sensation Human Snow Globe. Yes, the name speaks for itself, it was a man in an inflatable bubble (accompanied by far too many “inflation” jokes) with fake snow and Christmas lights. Nothing more needs to be said, you can check it out here.

Changing pace again, rapper Chancellor Warhol took the stage. With turntables, a drum kit and a couple backup singers, Warhol brought the house down, frequently jumping down in front of the stage and up on the speakers. His smooth flow, clever punch lines and catchy hooks definitely made this kid something to watch.

Nashville natives Colorfeels provided an instrumentally and vocally riveting performance next. Several members of the band were multi-instrumentalists, and one included such diversity as a clarinet, a flute and a xylophone. Their slower numbers were pleasant and whimsically musical while their upbeat songs had the crowd on its feet with an inventive plethora of sound.

One of the most-talked-about acts of the day was The Kicks. Mixing classic, old school rock style with modern rock sensibilities and three-piece harmonies, these guys were superb. Think Rolling Stones meets Boston with an alternative twist. Three songs didn’t seem to do them justice, though keeping the spirit alive, they finished with a Christmas original.

Maybe it was because The Kicks blew everyone away, or maybe it was because the upcoming front man was slightly bizarre and mildly off-color, but Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces did not resonate as a stand out act of the evening. However, the talent on stage was obvious, and the performance was high energy with smoke, lights, and a slew of people dancing down front. One song was an electronic/rock/rap hybrid, containing a synthesizer sample of Paul Simon’s Bodyguard.

The second to last band of the evening was Focus on the 615 friends TOY. Their dark, electronic rock sound with lead vocals by Alana Grace was nothing short of kick-ass. Instead of writing more about them here, check back for a more in-depth look at TOY featuring an exclusive interview from the evening!

Closing the evening (at whatever hour it may have been) was merging stars The Co. An incredible piano track mixed with powerful vocals to make memorable tunes that will no doubt land this Nashville band on the airwaves. With upbeat tunes such as Keep It Together and more personal numbers such as How to Say Goodbye, The CO was a great way to end the night.

“8 off 8th,” is BMI’s free weekly showcase held every Monday night at Mercy Lounge. Hosted by a rotating lineup of music community impresarios, each night features several local (and sometimes nationally touring) artists and serves as ground zero for Nashville’s bourgeoning indie rock scene.

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