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Nashville-Based Rock Band SWEETTALKER Releases “Black Magic” In Time For Halloween

Nashville-based roots rock band, SWEETTALKER, just released a new single, “Black Magic”, on October 26th.

The dark, riffy, hard driving rock song is a nod back to timeless classic rockers, punk and psychedelic rock bands.  The song is about being unable to shake the “spell” that an ex-lover casts upon you as they re-appear in your life just when you least expect it never quite allowing you to forget them as you are drawn back into their “web”.  Something I think most can relate to if you have ever had an ex you find difficult to get over when they keep re-appearing in your life.

They first hit the Nashville scene in early 2016, and can best be described as root rock revival of warm and vintage sounds filled with hard driving guitar riffs.

SWEETTALKER got their name from the mom of one of the band members saying out of frustration that they would probably become a car salesman one day because could sweet talk their way out of almost anything or into it as a young kid.  Looking for a catchy name, it just seemed to be the perfect fit for the band and it stuck.

SWEETTALKER have spent the past two years touring all over the Southeast and Midwest U.S., honing their craft and growing their fanbase.

Catch them in a city near you as they set out in support of their new single, “Black Magic”.

Listen to SWEETTALKER’s new single “Black Magic”https://soundcloud.com/swttlkr/black-magic/s-xF9s6

For more information on SWEETTALKER, please visit:  http://www.sweettalker.co

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Nashville-Based Southern Rock Band SWEETTALKER Set To Release New Track “BLACK MAGIC” On October 27

SWEETTALKER’s newest single, “Black Magic”, is a driver, to say the least. With moments of reverence to the classics like Aerosmith, AC/DC and even The Beatles, “Black Magic” very much has a no-prisoners agenda of its own and will have your head banging in no time. “Black Magic” is set to release on digital platforms, Friday, October 27th, right in time for Halloween.

“We wanted to put something out that we could let loose on- a real jammer.” says guitarist, Ryan Pattengale, who wrote and produced the song with lead singer and bandmate, David Brown. “It’s about that thing that drives you crazy and keeps you up at night. Good or evil, it’s got you and you know it.”

SWEETTALKER is kicking off a string of tour dates in support of “Black Magic” later this month with stops including St. Louis, MO; Marion, IL as direct support for rising country music singer, Kendell Marvel; and Knoxville, TN where they will share the stage with fellow Nashville rockers, The Weeks.


Nashville based Roots Rock band SWEETTALKER has made quite an impact since landing onto the Music City scene in 2016. Their very melodic, yet almost involuntarily rambunctious tone showcases the band’s young gun persona as it sweetly bleeds through an overall warm, vintage sound.

The band has spent the past two years touring all over the Southeast and Midwest U.S. since debuting their first single and music video for “Jenny,” which garnered attention from industry publications like Highlight Magazine- being cited as highly entertaining, energetic and filled with dirty riffs. The band goes back to the roots of their sound, creating aggressive rock tones mixed with hardheaded and relentless emotion.

SWEETTALKER has been out on the road this past summer promoting their latest release, “’95”– a track described by Nashville music blog, East of 8th, as a “feel-good, late-summer anthem [that] is heartland rock at its finest.”

The group is currently gearing up for their next single, “Black Magic”. SWEETTALKER’s upcoming music video for “Black Magic” is set to release on October 26th while the song will be released digitally on Friday, October 27th.

For more information on SWEETTALKER, please visit: http://www.sweettalker.co

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