Our Top 10 Picks For Artists To Watch In 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, we want to give you some of our picks and the top 10 artists we think you should keep an eye on in 2018.  Some you have heard of and some maybe you haven’t, but we think that you should! We are most excited about these artists and had a hard time narrowing the list down to only 10.

Here goes, in no particular order and from any genre.   We hope you’ll take a closer look and get to know these talented artists!

Aubrie Sellers:  Aubrie is signed to Warner Music and has a background deeply rooted in music.  She is the daughter of Lee Ann Womack and Jason Seelers.

With a strong voice that is pure country set to an edgier sound that she describes as “garage country”, she is an artist on the rise.

The first time I heard her, I was mezmerized by her sound and stage presence.  The girl’s just got swagger playing electric guitar on stage and has this slightly mysterious, edgy presence on stage.   Off stage, she is all smiles and an absolute sweetheart.

Delta Rae:  Delta Rae has stood out to me from the first time I heard them about 5 years ago.  They are signed to The Valory Music Co./Big Machine.  Their harmonies are strong with powerful lead vocals.

They’re best known for their energy, big percussion accompaniment, and the occassional stomping on stage.  As good as they are recorded, they really bring it live and it’s infectious.

Devin Dawson:  Devin has been on my radar since we first got to see him perform at a Pepsi event for discovering new artists this past summer.

Signed to Warner Music, his sound and vocals are smooth.  I could listen to him all day, honestly.  To me, he’s the John Mayer of country music and you’ll be hearing a lot more from him.

Ryan Kinder: Another artist on Warner Music that we’re excited about is Ryan Kinder.  Ryan absoultely shreds the guitar, has a more progressive country sound infused with indie rock, and exudes a strong stage presence.

Definitely keep your eye on him!

Lara Johnston:  Lara has a powerful voice reminscent of such great vocalists as Pink and Kelly Clarkson, she is a force to be reckoned with who leans towards a pop with a soul-infused, retro-influenced sound much like Maren Morris.   Her stage presence is charismatic, confident, and that of a seasoned professional well beyond her years.

Currently unsigned, we think a label should snatch her up and soon! We’re scratching our heads why she isn’t signed already.

She has a new album to be released this year, and we think she is one to get on your radar.

Drake White:  Drake has been around for a little bit and we’re surprised he hasn’t quite taken off just yet.  We think it is only a matter of time, though.

His sound is a swampy, soulful country sound exuding a passion and enthusiasm that is best experienced live, but certainly translates well recorded, too.

Smithfield:  This charismatic duo from Texas has a special quality between them with a strong stage presence, great vocals, and radio-friendly pop country songs.

Another unsigned act that a label needs to snatch up quickly and we’re wondering why they haven’t already.

We think you’ll be hearing more from them!

Jordan Davis: Universal Music Group’s Jordan Davis should be on your radar.  Reminscent of Sam Hunt, Jordan will be an artist to be reckoned with very soon with his smooth vocals and great songs.

Keep your eyes on him!

Morgan Evans:  Sadly, right now Warner Music’s Morgan Evans is probably best known to people as Kelsea Ballerini’s other half and new husband.  That’s not a bad thing, BUT Morgan Evans is a great artist in his own right from Australia that we think should keep on your radar to hrar much more from.

Charismatic, charming, a great entertainer with strong songs who can bring it on stage alone without a full band.  We want the opportunity to see him with a full band soon knowing he will shine and can’t wait to hear much more from him!

LANco: We have loved LANco’s sound and their live stage performance since we first saw them perform last January at 3rd and Lindsley.  They light up on stage and exude such an incredible energy.

Signed to Sony Music, they have just obtained their 1st number one song and we think you’ll be hearing much more from them in 2018.  They are taking off!

Honorable mentions since this was a tough list to compose:

Drew Baldridge:  Signed to Cold River Records, Drew is fun & charismatic.  Such an entertainer live.  He and his band always look like they are having an absolute ball on stage!

High Valley: This Canadian duo signed to Warner Music is full of energy and great songs! Love their pop country with bluegrass infused sound.

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