Album Review: Chris Young | LOSING SLEEP

Chris Young has just released his 7th studio project entitled, LOSING SLEEP, on RCA.

The 10-track project is a strong effort with thoughtful lyrics and several standout tunes that are sure to become future number one hits for the extremely-talented artist.

A first for him is Young co-wrote every song on the album this time.  He also co-produced like with his last 2 projects.  This is his third release in 3 years.  He is clearly on a roll, staying extremely busy, and fresh off his Opry induction, which is so richly-deserved for him.  He has worked very hard to get where he is over the course of many years and maintains a strong work ethic throughout, which is why he has seen such success.

As usual, Young’s voice is perfection on this release.  Basically, he could sing the phonebook and make it sound good with his distictive baritone voice.  Young exhibits such control with his voice, as always.  He can be a powerhouse vocalist when he wants to or sing a beautiful, slower ballad flawlessly.

Heartbreaking and beautiful are: “Losing Sleep”“Where I Go When I Drink”, and the album’s signature song, “Blacked Out.”  You can’t say that these are anything other than pure country.

My personal favorite off the album that I can’t seem to get enough of playing over and over is the uptempo & lighter, “She’s Got A Way”.

Buy this album now.  Just released October 20th.  It will appeal to all country fans whether you are into a more traditional sound or contemporary, there is something for everyone on this.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Track list for LOSING SLEEP:

1. “Losing Sleep” (Chris Young, Chris DeStefano, Josh Hoge)
2. “Hangin’ On” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge)
3. “Holiday” (Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Johnny Bulford, Corey Crowder)
4. “Radio and the Rain” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge)
5. “Where I Go When I Drink” (Chris Young, Tyler Reeve, Trent Tomlinson)
6. “She’s Got a Way” (Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Corey Crowder)
7. “Leave Me Wanting More” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, John Pierce)
8. “Trouble Looking” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Liz Rose)
9. “Woke Up Like This” (Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge)
10. “Blacked Out” (Chris Young, Josh Hoge, Jon Randall)

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