9 Questions With Logan Mize


Get to know new country artist, Logan Mize, a little better with these 9 questions!

Logan Mize has taken his love for pawn shops to the next level. After naming his EP Pawn Shop Guitar, he was inspired to open his very own shop! Head over to pawnshopguitarep.com and check out some of the hilariously awesome goods like an old drum head signed by Logan and even one of Logan’s old work shirts.

Wondering how much these fantastic items cost? Just a tweet! Click on the item you want in the pawn shop and trade in your tweet with #LoganMizePawnShop for a chance to win. 

The website also includes a phone number where you can call and hear more about the pawn shop. You never know – Logan might even answer himself!  

Now, get to know Logan a little better with these interview questions below:

1) Where are you from?

“Clearwater, KS”

2) Musical influences?

“Petty, Elton John, Alan Jackson, Aerosmith, Third Eye Blind, The Highwaymen, Steve Earle, The Dixie chicks, Rage Against The Machine, etc.”

3) When did you first realize you wanted to pursue music as a career? First performance ever?

“My first performance was a piano recital at age 7 or so, but I hated it. When I was 16 Kenny Chesney came to the Kansas Coliseum and I lost my mind. I told everyone I was moving to Nashville to be an artist before I even wrote a song or knew how to play a guitar.  I’ve had a screw loose ever since.”

4) Where was the first place you played in Nashville?

“The Bluebird”

5) Do you play any instruments? Songwriter?

“I get by on a few. Piano, guitar, harmonica and yes, I write.”

6) When can we expect to hear your music? Name of single, what it’s about and who wrote it.

“There’s plenty out there. Two full albums, some singles and an EP called Pawn Shop Guitar. My single is “Can’t Get Away From A Good Time” and it’s about weed whackers, UFOs, wieners and buns among other various topics. ”

7) What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I have two children.”

8) Favorite place to hang or thing to do in Nashville?

“A lot of good spots, but I usually end up at Monkey Joe’s in Franklin. The crowd there is very non judgmental…..depending on who’s parents show up.”

9) What’s next for you?

“I’m thinking about installing a footprint gas pedal in my 89 Caprice classic station wagon…I’ll prob get to that on one of my days off in the next couple weeks.”




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