Zeke Duhon Expresses The Power Of Love And Living In The Moment With New Video “Always Is Now”

Zeke Duhon“Love lives between everything we were and are yet to be,” writes Zeke Duhon, in a poignant reflection not often seen in a 20-year-old. The official music video for Always Is Now is his first since relocating to Music City from Tulsa at the end of 2013, while the song itself features the collaborative penmanship of hit singer-songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones.

“The song is just about realizing how to live in the moment, forget the past, and try not to over-think the future,” explains Zeke.

Beautifully shot on location in Nashville by Brayden Heath, the video features a narrative of young lovers cherishing each moment with one another as though it were their last. Then – inevitably, predictably – life happens.

“I love you always. My love will not change… at least for today.”

Penned during one of Duhon’s first ever co-writes, the songwriting session was not only contemplative, but also informative.

“Writing with Matthew was such a valuable experience,” says Duhon. “We not only wrote a meaningful and relevant song, but he also gave me advice about what to expect on my journey in this crazy business.”

And yet, “this crazy business” has gained Zeke quite a bit of notoriety in a relatively short amount of time. Within just five months of moving to Nashville and signing with Nashville Underground Management, Zeke inked a major publishing deal with Big Deal Music (Ray LaMontagne, My Morning Jacket), and scored GRAMMY Award-winning producer Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars) to take the helm of his first project.

As the self-titled EP awaits its official release later this year, Zeke has been hitting the road with the likes of Civil Twilight and Knox Hamilton, and will soon be embarking on an East Coast stint with Glee star Noah Guthrie.

For more information and tour dates, visit ZekeDuhon.com.

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Zeke Duhon’s songs are reassuring, insightful, easy to cherish. They invite contemplation; and they continue to reverberate long after the listener experiences Zeke’s effortless, honeyed voice. Zeke Duhon’s music crosses genres, broadens demographics and exemplifies universal appeal. It is easy to be carried away by his sweeping melodies, enchanted by the timbre of his voice and impressed by the architecture of his songs.

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