Album Review: Dylan McDonald And The Avians | ‘Fueled By Dreams Of The Future’

Dylan McDonald and the AviansGrab your lava lamps and your bellbottoms, this debut album from Dylan McDonald And The Avians will make you feel like you’ve taken a rocket ship ride back to the 70s in this retro-infused pop release entitled ‘Fueled By Dreams Of The Future’.  

This 10-song release produced by Richard Downs is a fun romp through the musical past with all-new original tunes that sound very much like they were performed/released in the late 60s and 70s when legendary bands like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, and The Doobie Brothers ruled the charts.  Speaking of The Doobie Brothers, lead singer Dylan McDonald is the son of former Doobie Brother, Michael McDonald, and was probably a big influence on his musical style today.  Who better to carry the torch and bring back a beloved retro sound than the offspring of a musical legend?

Now, I will say that I was looking to have the same type vocals from Dylan as his dad and maybe that was a bit of an unfair comparison.  Dylan’s sound is maybe not as powerful as his dad’s and more on the raspy side.  To me very reminiscent of the vocals of another legend from that era, Bob Dylan.  He holds his own and his vocal styling is very in mesh with the musical style of this release.

My favorites off the album are “Broken Lullaby” and “Love Can Never Be The Same” .

Whether you’re looking for a fun escape from today’s sounds and want to recapture the musical past a bit or are a hipster and looking for something a tad bit different, I think this is your answer.  Check it out, I’m diggin’ it!

Rated 4 stars out of 5.

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