The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching AXS-TV’s “Discovering Lucy Angel”

Discovering Lucy AngelAre you watching AXS-TV’s new hit docuseries “Discovering Lucy Angel” on Tuesdays at 8pm/central? If not, you’re missing out!

“Discovering Lucy Angel” is AXS-TV’s first original show produced by the producer who brought you MTV’s “The Osbournes”.  It’s just plain fun to watch for all you reality series buffs as it follows mother/daughter trio, Lucy Angel, and their family in Nashville as they work to get their first single on radio.  Not an easy task! You’ll see all the ups and downs of trying to launch a music career.  You’ll also adore this endearing family as you watch them on their adventures around town.  Heck, you’ll probably want to join this family after you get to know them!

Watch the premiere of “Discovering Lucy Angel” as we caught up with them at the Franklin Theatre:

Watch this video as we traveled with them to film the season finale of “Discovering Lucy Angel” in the Bahamas:

With that, we’ve composed a list of the top 10 reasons you should be watching AXS-TV’s “Discovering Lucy Angel”!

1) You’ll learn what “tits on a ritz” means.

2) The G-Man, crocs, and tighty-whities!

3) Smitty and Baby Mac

4) Learn how to salsa with the Salsa Cowboy!

5) How could you not love that hair and those dimples on Jake? Adorbs!

6) Not only are the trio Lucy Angel beautiful on the outside, but inside, too.

7) You’ll be guaranteed to laugh on Tuesday nights after even the most stressful work day with the Andertons and I guarantee you’ll love them, too!

8) Learn Kate’s beauty secrets! Ok, maybe not…  That cream should be marketed!

9) You’ll learn that Hope and Faith are more than just words, they’re adorably-cute dogs and I challenge you to figure out what breed.

10) You won’t feel bad for being late ever again!

Seriously, though, check it out! There’s lots to love!!


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