Country music’s hot young band Chasing Crazy debuted their new episodic series,Chasin’ Crazy on Great American Country (GAC) on Saturday, October 11th with two episodes, “Crazy Late and Chasing Time, CMA Music Festival” at 1:00 P.M. EDT/12:00 P.M. CST and “Chasing Love and Money, Heading to Seattle”, aired immediately following.  The 30-minute, episodic series follows the band’s ‘crazy’ antics from their home in Nashville, where they live together, to their experiences on the road both performing and interacting with their fans.  For a sneak peak, preview of the Chasin’ Crazy go to



Chasin’ Crazy features a real performing band, five members, Jimmy James Hunter (lead guitarist, vocals), Forest Miller (bass/fiddle/mandolin, vocals), Landon Parker (acoustic guitar/vocals), Creigh Riepe (keyboards/guitar, vocals) and Travis Fincher (drums/vocals).  Their first single “That’s How We Do Summertime”, was released earlier this year and will be followed by their new single “Smack Dab” (preview at slated for release this month.


“Everyone involved with the show was so supportive, passionate and professional,” said Chasin’ Crazy.  “They made filming not only fun, but a crazy memorable experience for us.  We never thought in a million years that we’d be able to combine what we love to do – make music – with our own television show, but now that we are, we can’t wait for our fans to see it!”


“We are all so excited about this show,” said Danny Tepper, Executive in Charge for Great American Country.  “In a landscape of bawdy reality shows, Chasin’ Crazy is a nice dose of good, clean fun – and these boys are really talented – and very entertaining.”





Crazy Late and Chasing Time, CMA Music Festival

Chasin’ Crazy, a young and talented country music band, booked some huge gigs during the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee.  Knowing how important these opportunities are, the band’s managers give the guys a stern warning about being on time.  Within hours, temptation strikes and the guys end up partying like superstars at the Chasin’ Crazy house.  The next morning is rough!  The guys wake up to mayhem and discover they’re running crazy late for their gig at the HGTV Lodge.  Confronted with one obstacle after another, can the Chasin’ Crazy boys make it to their CMA Music Festival gig on time or have they blown their opportunity to make it big?


Episode 2:

Chasing Love and Money, Heading to Seattle

Chasin’ Crazy, a young and talented country music band, has been offered a huge opportunity to play in front of thousands of country music fans in scenic Seattle.  But before Chasin’ Crazy can head to the airport, Landon loses his wallet.  Searching all over Nashville, the Chasin’ Crazy boys face the reality that they might be one member short for their gig in Seattle if Landon’s wallet is not found soon!  Meanwhile, Jimmy James gains a new admirer, who wants to meet up with him in Seattle.  Struck with curiosity, Jimmy James takes the opportunity, hoping that the mystery person is one hot babe.  Could Jimmy James find love and will all of the Chasin’ Crazy boys make it to Seattle or will they find themselves one member short for one of the best opportunities of their lives?

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