Album Review: Joshua Scott Jones | ‘The Healing’

Joshua Scott JonesJoshua Scott Jones is releasing his 11-track self-produced debut solo project entitled ‘The Healing’ on Tuesday, June 3rd.  

This release is very honest and self-reflective from Joshua.  As the title suggests, it’s clear that he really found healing & clarity through the music–something that many, including myself, can relate to.  Music has a way of transcending and can help heal the spirit if you only let it; whether it be listening to it or creating it as Joshua does.

I found the songs well-written, emotional, and nicely-sung with the distinctive baritone voice that can only belong to Joshua.  One standout from the album to me is the uptempo “DUI” with lyrics like:  “So tonight let’s dance, like we get no second chance to shine like diamonds in the sky”.  It’s not a song about what you think, just FEELING drunk in love.  “City Of Angels”  and the power ballad “You & I”  both are heart-wrenching, honest, and seem to flow very organically.  I was very moved.   Actually, the same can be said for most of the album.  The title track literally brought me to tears just from the sheer power and emotion found in the lyrics.  This ballad was stripped down to very raw production with only Joshua’s voice, a piano, and an organ.  I felt a bit like I’d been taken to church, and it’s not even Sunday!

“Honk (If You’re Tonky)” is a fun, light departure along with “Tennessee Blue”, a bluesy number, as the name would suggest.  They were a nice addition; however, I prefer the authenticity and raw emotion that was found throughout most of the album..

Overall, I would highly-recommend this album.   It’s available on iTunes and other digital outlets.   It is honest, emotional, well-written, and great production by the man himself.  I even loved the addition of the sipping sound at the very beginning of one of the tracks entitled “Whiskey Anthem”.   Clever.   I strongly urge you to check this one out.

Rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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