Chase Rice Is Ready To Take Things To The Next Level

Chase_RiceWith his newest release of the single “Ready Set Roll” and EP by the same name, Chase Rice is preparing to take things to the next level in his career, and he’s working hard to get there.  He’s been busy touring the country the last few months along with Sam Hunt, which will be winding down mid-December, while writing and recording his newest EP that he just released.

Fans of Chase Rice will remember that he moved to Nashville shortly after competing and appearing on CBS’s ‘Survivor‘.  He moved with the main focus of working on and developing his songwriting just 3 years ago.   Chase has already garnered some great success in that time since he is co-writer of one of the biggest country chart singles in Billboard’s history, Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”.  With his newest single “Ready Set Roll”, Rice readily admits that he was going after something similar to “Cruise” in sound and subject matter hoping to capture some of the same success as that single; although its a bit different with the inclusion of a robot in the actual production adding a slightly different flavor to the overall sound.   He states that it was extremely easy for him and his co-writers, Rhett Atkins and Chris DeStefano, to sit down and write.  In fact, they wrote and then produced the single all in one day; not any easy task by any means, but just shows the commitment of this up and coming artist. “It sounds bigger and better than anything I have ever put out.”

Currently, Chase is not signed to any record label and is doing this all as an independent artist with the help of a strong team to do his publicity, management and booking for him.  He admits that he hopes to be signed to one someday, but is content to keep doing what he’s been doing until the right deal comes along that fits him as an artist.

So, what does Chase like to do when he’s not out on the road or making music? Not surprising, he admits to being pretty outdoorsy and enjoying some extremely physical sports like surfing, wake boarding, ect. in the summer.  He also like the peace and quiet found in hunting where he can just get out in the woods.

After enjoying the holidays and a little break off the road, he’ll be heading out again across the country to promote “Ready Set Roll” to radio, then in March leaving to go out on tour with Billy Currington and Brett Eldredge.

Look for Chase out on the road in a city near you soon, and check out for yourself his newest single “Ready Set Roll” in the lyric video below!


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