Album Review: Toby Keith ‘Clancy’s Tavern’, Contest

Toby KeithI’ve always enjoyed Toby Keith‘s music.  He’s always been able to make great country music that appeals to the masses and never seems to take himself too seriously–two attributes that I like about both music and people alike! He always likes to incorporate a little humor into his music like one of his biggest hits “Let’s Talk About Me” that made me an instant Toby Keith fan from the moment I saw the video.

With his latest release, ‘Clancy’s Tavern’, Toby Keith doesn’t disappoint and has not strayed from the type of music that has made him a star outlasting so many others.  It was just released October 24th and in stores now! With the deluxe edition, you’ll get 11 tracks, plus a bonus of 4 live tracks.

My favorites from the album are: “Made In America” – a mid-tempo patriotic song that I thoroughly enjoyed, “I Need To Hear A Country Song” – just pure and good country music, “Clancy’s Tavern” – the melody was hauntingly beautiful with a little hint of an Irish drinking song thrown in there telling a story, which I love, and “Club Zydeco Moon” – another mid-tempo song with a haunting melody and tells a dark story.  I, also, enjoyed the live version of ‘Memphis’ that can only be found on the deluxe version.  If you’re looking for some humor on this album, look no further than “Red Solo Cup”.  It’s a fun, lighthearted salute to the red Solo cup that seems to grace most cookouts and outdoor parties.  Check out the humorous video and be sure to be on the lookout for several famous cameo appearances throughout!

This album is a must-have for Toby Keith fans and those people who just enjoy some good country music!

Full track listing:

“Made In America”

“I Need To Hear A Country Song”

“Clancy’s Tavern”

“Tryin’ To Fall In Love”

“Just Another Sundown”

“Beers Ago”

“South Of You”

“Club Zydeco Moon”

“I Won’t Let You Down”

“Red Solo Cup”


Bonus tracks on deluxe edition only:

“High Time (You Quit Your Low Down Ways)

“Truck Drivin’ Man”



Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Contest: Be sure to enter the contest to be one of 2 lucky winners to receive an autographed copy of Toby Keith‘s ‘Clancy’s Tavern’.  All you have to do to win is “like” the Focus on the 615 Facebook page to the right of this page or subscribe via email for this site to be included into the drawing to win! The drawing will be held Thursday, November 10th at 12noon central and notified either through email or Facebook message.  Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, winners can only be from U.S. and Canada.

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