Song Review: Burns & Poe “I Need A Job”

“I Need A Job” is the new single from Burns & Poe written by Keith Burns and John Ritter.  This is a fun, straight-forward, tongue-in-cheek, uptempo song perfect for a little line-dancing if you feel so inclined.  It makes you want to get up and dance when you hear it.  There’s no real deep meaning behind the lyrics with the exception of being completely relatable by a lot of people in the country who are out of a job and looking for work.  It’s not meant to be a downer-type, serious song, just simply a fun one meant to take your worries away and be danced to.  I think traditional country lovers and fans of Trick Pony would equally love this song.

Definitely worth checking out and very enjoyable! See the video and hear the song for yourself below!

About Burns & Poe

Burns & Poe is country-soaked, adrenaline-driven, fun-lovin’, on the rocks entertainment that makes for a don’t-blink, hold-tight, roller-coaster-of-a-ride, live show. The best part…it’s 100% pure Burns & Poe.

Described as the Sonny & Cher of Country, Burns & Poe perform side-by-side, bantering back and forth with playful jibs and jabs, and sharing vocal talents that are equally identifiable, splitting their performances right down the middle.

After suffering from a broken leg in high school, Keith ended his glory days as an all-star athlete, put down the ball and picked up the guitar to become the next rock star. Later, moved by Waylon Jennings, Burns took to the country road making his way to Nashville in the 90s.

Entirely the opposite, Michelle admits she was a geek-reading bookworm. As a creative outlet, she joined the Poe family band at the age of 10. She became a bass player by choice—electing to learn to play the instrument with less strings and more boom. At 17, Michelle moved to Music City to attend MTSU.

Fast ForwardBurns & Poe are no strangers to the country music scene or fans. Award-winning tunesmiths and stage entertainers, they’ve already made their mark. Both Keith Burns and Michelle Poe established notable names for themselves as music industry trendsetters in previous endeavors.

Burns is a founding member of the Grammy-nominated, gold recording trio Trick Pony, who won both an American Music Award and an Academy of Country Music Award. Burns has also penned songs recorded by Joe Diffie, Hootie & The Blowfish, Sammy Kershaw, Anita Cochran and Trick Pony (who scored three Top 20 and two Top 10 singles on the country charts).

Poe, formerly a Dreamworks recording artist, has been an integral part of national touring bands, singing backup and playing bass to lock in the rhythm section behind the likes of international acts Dierks Bentley and Hank Williams, Jr.

In 2007, the two made official introductions at an audition for the Trick Pony leading lady; Poe landed the gig. In what seemed to be just moments later, the trio disbanded…leaving the door wide open for the creation of Burns & Poe

Burns & Poe is a “Tequila Sunrise.” Sweet, syrupy grenadine with the tang of a fresh-picked orange is the lovely and bubbly Michelle Poe. Her silky smooth vocals lend a woman’s touch to the songs she and Burns write and perform together.

Keith adds the burn to the mix with a hot but “goes down easy” raspy voice and charisma reminiscent of The Eagles, Don Henley with a twist of Mellencamp for an added punch.

Shaken or stirred, the pairing of seasoned artists is a combustible combination straight up! Their magical songwriting chemistry mixed with their authentic musical talents make for an all-natural, highly intoxicating concoction.

Burns & Poe signed with Blue Steel Records in 2009 and have been on the road performing at shows from coast to coast. Since Keith Burns and Michelle Poe came together in 2006, they’ve secured a variety of sponsors including Taylor Guitars, Peavey Guitars, Dan Post Boots, Silpada Designs and Crow’s Nest Trading Company.

Now, unveiling a self-titled, 2-disc album on May 10, 2011, the pair celebrates the success of the album’s singles “Don’t Get No Better Than That”(written by Burns & Mark Oliverius/produced by Oliverius) and “How Long Is Long Enough?” Their third single from the release, “Second Chance” is at radio now. Recently awarded Music Row Magazine’s “Independent Artist of the Year,” Burns & Poe are ready to kick it into high gear for a BIG 2011.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars.

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