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The Estate At Cherokee Dock: Reba’s Former Home Becomes A Unique, Expansive Event Space

Are you looking to make your next event something spectacular and memorable with a touch of what makes Nashville so special added in? Look no further than the newest premier event space, The Estate at Cherokee Dock, located just outside Nashville in Lebanon, Tennessee at 175 Cherokee Dock Road.  It’s the perfect location for weddings, galas, corporate retreats, private parties, and fundraisers.

#tbt Taking it WAY back…to yesterday! 😉 Such a beautiful, unique property. I wanted to move in, but sadly they would not let me… 🤣 Book your special event today at @reba's beautiful former home 40 minutes outside of Nashville that has been turned into an event venue for weddings, special occasions, and B&B called the Estate at Cherokee Dock. @theestateatcherokeedock 📸💕 ———————————————————————————- For more information & booking information, go to: ☆ ▪ ▪ ▪ #theestateatcherokeedock #cherokeedock #lebanontn #lebanon #tennessee #reba #videooftheday #video #home #countrymusic #music #photos #photography #photooftheday #instaphoto #instavideo #insta #instagram #instagramer #instagramers #instagood #instadaily #cool #venue #events #beautiful #wedding #throwbackthursday #throwback

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The beautiful, luxury event space is the former home of country music legend Reba McEntire for many years with her ex-husband and where she raised her son.  The lakeside property, which boasts thousands of square footage inside, a built-in outdoor pool, firepit, pool house, tennis court, private movie theatre complete with your own candy concession stand & popcorn machine like you are at a real movie theatre, 2-story walk-in closet with automated features, and horse stables on an expansive property with a gated, tree-lined entrance.  It has to be seen in-person to be fully appreciated.

Part two. Had a tour today of @reba's beautiful former home 40 minutes outside of Nashville that has been turned into an event venue for weddings, special occasions, and B&B called the Estate at Cherokee Dock. @theestateatcherokeedock 📸💕 ———————————————————————————- For more information & booking information, go to: ☆ ▪ ▪ ▪ #theestateatcherokeedock #cherokeedock #lebanontn #lebanon #tennessee #reba #rebamcentire #former #home #countrymusic #music #photos #photography #photooftheday #instaphoto #instamusic #insta #instagram #instagramer #instagramers #instagood #instadaily #cool #venue #events #beautiful #wedding #weddings #lake #water

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At the front entrance of the property, you are greeted by a beautiful fountain in the circle driveway of the pristine southern-style mansion that is warm and inviting.  It’s quite the oasis right on the lake with picturesque views throughout the home, especially the master bedroom.  Other noted features are many bedrooms, large dining space and table, large rooms for entertaining, a winding staircase beneath a large, ornate crystal chandelier, elevator, large exercise room, wine cellar, multiple fireplaces inside and out, and plush carpeting with heavy padding beneath throughout the home.

Had a tour today of @reba's beautiful former home 40 minutes outside of Nashville that has been turned into an event venue for weddings, special occasions, and B&B called the Estate at Cherokee Dock. @theestateatcherokeedock Part one. 📸💕 ———————————————————————————- For more information & booking information, go to: ☆ ▪ ▪ ▪ #theestateatcherokeedock #cherokeedock #lebanontn #lebanon #tennessee #reba #rebamcentire #former #home #countrymusic #music #photos #photography #photooftheday #instaphoto #instamusic #insta #instagram #instagramer #instagramers #instagood #instadaily #cool #venue #events #beautiful #wedding #weddings #lake #water

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Make your next event fabulous! For more information, availability, and pricing, email them at:

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Kane Brown Celebrates A Night Of Many Firsts

On Friday, December 15th, Sony Nashville’s Kane Brown celebrated a night of many firsts at Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi.

Brown headlined his first arena show in Southaven performing to a sold out audience in a large arena.

😊@kanebrown_music surprises one young fan and brings her on stage to sing with him. He also gets a special surprise himself in the middle of his first headlining show at a large arena playing to a sold out crowd by being presented by his team with a gold plaque for his gold-certified debut album & first #1 single. It was a very special night for all!💕 ——————————————————————————— 🙌Read the full write-up all about it at: or just click the link in bio above to be taken directly to the site. 👀 ——————————————————————————— @sonynashville @landerscenter 😎 ========================================= #kanebrown #southaven #southhavenms #landerscenter #arena #concert #music #countrymusic #instamusic #insta #instagram #instagramer #instagramers #instagood #instadaily #fun #cool #video #videooftheday #instavideo #photooftheday #instaphoto #photo #countrymusiclover

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The enthusiastic crowd even packed the floor, standing room only, just for the opportunity to be near him, have a possible chance to touch his hand, and seemingly knew every word to every song as they lit their phones up singing along with him most of the night.

I have to admit that this was my very first time seeing him perform live and I was not familiar with his music aside from the current hit that is a duet with Lauren Alaina on the radio now.

What little I do know of Kane Brown is he has this big smile that makes you want to smile along with him.  There was also a period prior to signing with Sony that he was homeless and he had a tough upbringing.  Yet, through it all, he smiles and he smiles big.  He also has a true love for country music, which you can really see from all the cover songs of his favorites in country on YouTube that he posted prior to being singed and where he first began to build his huge following that grows daily.  He sings with his heart and did I mention how humble he is?

When I was standing near him for our group photo on Friday night before his show, what I felt from him was a humbleness that you don’t find every day.  I saw a person who is truly grateful for where he is today.  He probably has a hard time even taking it all in.  It probably overwhelmes him at times, I suspect.  It is not a put on.  I could see it and feel it in all his words and actions that whole night.  He loves being where he is now with Sony and is enjoying this ride,  playing to a capacity crowd for his biggest show to date with everyone from his team there cheering him on? It was a very special night for him.  I could tell.  He did not even have to say it, although he did.  It was written all over his face and flowed out during his performance as he gave it his all.  He put his whole heart into the night.  His dreams have become a reality, and you can’t help but smile and cheer him along on his path.

I hope his ride in music continues for many years to come.  If the response from this crowd was any indication, we will be hearing from Kane Brown for many more years to come and these were just the first of many more records he is about to break through in his career.

The music business is not an easy path for anyone who is on any side of it.  Just ask anyone.  There have been many hopeful dreams dashed.  It can be filled with many ups, downs, and disappointments.  You can have all the talent in the world, the best team behind you, and still you don’t quite find your audience.  Brown has found his audience and connected with them on a level that many have not been able to do.  I suspect it’s because behind those big vocals of his and his songs, they connect with him on a deeper emotional level because of his background and his big heart that is on dislpay for all to see.  When you are honest, humble, and put your heart into what you do, people take notice.

His team, including Sony promotions staff, management, booking agent, producer, publishers, publicists, and more came along to celebrate with him and to do a special presentation that they surprised him with in the middle of his set.  They couldn’t have been happier to present him with a gold plaque for his debut album and a #1 plaque for his single at his first arena show that was at full capacity.

His life has not been easy, but I am glad I could be there to witness this special night for him.  He made me a fan on Friday.  Not simply because he is a great performer with a strong voice, but because he has a lot of heart and humility.  If there is one thing I like to see, it’s someone who overcomes difficult, challenging circumstances in their life.  Instead of giving in, giving up, and making excuses, he is succeeding, shining, and living his dream.  He was probably told many times in his life that he could never be a country singer.  Being a successful country singer signed to a major label playing shows in a large arena while performing on award shows reaching #1 on the country radio charts, and gold-certified on your debut album? It’s not possible, right? Well, it CAN be done if you truly set your mind to it and have a team of people behind you that believe in what you are doing as strongly as you do.  It’s not easy and it is rare, but with a lot of hard work, belief, talent, a little luck & good timing, it CAN be done.

Keep shining on and being you, Kane Brown! You have a new fan with me and I’ll be cheering you on all the way.

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Acme Radio Session – “No One Goes Dancing Anymore” By Paul Childers

Focus on the 615 presents the exclusive video premier of “No One Goes Dancing Anymore” by Nashville Pop/ Rock artist Paul Childers from the Acme Radio Session. The video is in support of Paul Childers Live At Acme, the debut release from Acmeville Records, out on January 19, 2018.

Watch the video:

The album features 10 tracks from Paul’s off-the-hook live performance at Acme Feed & Seed, one of Nashville’s hottest downtown nightclubs.

Acmeville Records plans to record and produce albums captured during live performances from the stage at Acme Feed & Seed, as well as compilation records, original content and commentary from inside the Acme Radio Live studio. The label is focused on promoting Nashville artists who have helped to define Acme and Acme Radio Live’s unique sound and atmosphA familiar face on the Acme Feed & Seed stage, Childers was chosen to be the first performer to launch the recording series. He performs songs from his debut album Naked Poetry as well as covers of classic hits such as “Roxanne” (Sting and the Police) and “Sir Duke” (Stevie Wonder). When not on tour, Childers is a resident on Acme’s stage, performing regularly for devoted fans. The live album not only captures the energy of Paul’s dynamic performance, but also the crowd’s enthusiastic response.

“Recording and releasing a live album is a unique opportunity for artists to connect with fans and involve them in the record-making process,” said Carl Gatti, Director of Entertainment and Radio at Acme Feed & Seed. “We’re excited to get Acmeville Records up and running to continue our mission of discovery and preservation of the local music scene, and Paul Childers is a perfect fit for our first release.”

Paul Childers Live At Acme will be available for purchase on January 19, 2018, via digital download and on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

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CONTEST: Win An Autographed Copy Of Luke Bryan’s New CD

One lucky winner will be randomly drawn from enteries on December 18th at 12pm central to win an autographed copy of Luke Bryan’s new album, WHAT MAKES YOU COUNTRY.

To enter, just fill out the form by clicking HERE.  Good luck!!


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Nashville Ballet Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Of “The Nutcracker”, And It’s Magical!

Dew Drop Fairy. Photo by Karyn Photography

The 1.2 million dollar production launched 10 years ago in Nashville by the Nashville Ballet is celebrating its 10th anniversary of their interpretation of the beloved Christmas classic.

Clara and the Nutcracker. Photo by Karyn Photography

Nashville Ballet spared no expense as period costume designs of the late 1800’s/early 1900’s were beautiful.  Elaborate set designs set this production apart, as it moves from scene to scene with ease and elegance abounds.

Clara. Photo by Heather Thorne

I would put our highly-skilled ballet troupe up against any world class ballet troupe in the world.  They are confident and talented, certainly capable of holding their own with the best out there.

Madame Bonbonniere and her Bon Bons. Photo by Heather Thorne

Adding to this spectacular, whimsical production is our own award-winning Nashville Symphony, who proves once again just why they win awards.

Stellar.  This whole production is stellar from top to bottom.  The audience is treated to nearly 2 hours inside the vivid imagination of a young girl’s mind, Clara, guided by a magician who offered her a gift of a nutcracker as he leaves the party after entertaining the children for the evening.  As she drifts to sleep after the holiday party with her family on Christmas Eve, visions of nutcrackers come to life, sugar plum fairies dance, mice in uniforms scurry, the Rat King runs amuck, the Fat Lady sings, the Chinese dragon dances, and so much more.

Watch the official trailer for it HERE.

I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the special elements added in celebration of the 10th anniversary, is they even make it snow inside the entire theatre at one point along with the stage.

It’s a pure delight and a must-see for Nashvillians looking for some culture this holiday season.  Only running now through December 23rd at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall.  Get your tickets fast by going HERE.  You don’t want to miss it!

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GetTV Set To Air Its First Original Christmas Special On Dec. 7th At 7pm Central

We’re so excited to see getTV’s first original Christmas special, A NASHVILLE CHRISTMAS, to air for the first time debuting on Thursday, December 7th at 7pm central with subsequent airings throughout the month.  Check their schedule for those if miss the debut.

A NASHVILLE CHRISTMAS stars iconic country stars Wynonna Judd, Emmylou Harris, Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis, along with Ashley Cleveland, Dailey & Vincent, and The SVL (SkyVille Live) Allstars Band.  Filmed at SkyVille Live in Nashville.   Produced by Wally Wilson, Courtni Jackson, and Kenny Greenberg.  Directed by Russ Hall.  

This production is a homage to those classic Christmas variety shows that getTV viewers love and consistent with their normal programming from the likes of Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Donnie & Marie, Glen Campbell, and more as it features country music icons performing popular Christmas classics.

The highpoint of the special is Wynonna’s duet with Emmylou Harris with “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem”.  Emmylou was “one of my first sheroes,”  Wynonna talks in her emotional introduction to the performance.

Tune into getTV for the debut of this very special country music themed Christmas special at 7pm central tonight, Thursday, December 7th.  It’s sure to put you right in the Christmas spirit! If you miss it, there are multiple airings throughout the month, but highly-recommend you tune-in tonight to become one of the first to see it.



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Holiday Gift Ideas & Things To Do: George Dickel Distillery

While we still recommend that you visit the distillery for a tour and tasting anytime because George Dickel’s Cascade Hollow is absolutely beautiful, we do recommend checking out the new online store where George Dickel merchandise is now available for purchase:  Ease of finding that perfect gift for someone who might enjoy something a little different.  Plus, no fighting holiday shopping mall crowds that are so common this time of year.

My personal favorite is the country-winter embroidered George Dickel knit hat.  I’m eyeing that one real hard for these cold winter months ahead to keep my head warm in fun style.   The signature snap back in blue or camouflage (which is one of the most popular hats amongst country music artists,  Dustin Lynch), the Dickle Eagle Baseball Tee, and the Cocktail Tee. These selections along with a bottle of one of their premium whiskies, George Dickel Barrel Select or George Dickel 17-Year-Old, are sure to please anyone and make it a little more festive.

Tennesseans will surely appreciate all of these with George Dickel being distilled right here in our state and so locally-focused.  They are a big part of our community and we love them for it!

If you do decide to visit the distillery for some holiday shopping: George Dickel’s distillery is located at 1950 Cascade Hollow Rd, Tullahoma, TN 37388. For more information go to or call 931-857-4110. Tours are available Monday-Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm and Sunday 11:30am-5pm. Tours are also available for $10 per person.

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ENTER TO WIN: An Autographed Copy Of Chris Stapleton’s FROM A ROOM: Volume 2

Chris Stapleton’s FROM A ROOM: VOLUME 2 is out in stores now, but you can win a signed copy by filling out this form below from Universal Music Group in Nashville.

One lucky winner will be randomly drawn on Sunday, Dec. 10th at 12noon central.

Click on the link below to fill out the form to enter.  Good luck!

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THIS SHIRT SAVES LIVES Fundraising Campaign For St. Jude

During the entire month of December, we will be joining with 80 country music artists and 200 country radio stations across the country to help raise funds for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital in Memphis.

St. Jude continues to help treat children fighting cancer free of charge.  Families never have to pay a dime and can focus on their child getting better.  Fighting a disease is hard enough without adding heaping medical bills on.

However, in order for St. Jude to continue its work, they rely on donations to keep their doors open and healing children with cancer.

Do you want to help save lives, too? For a donation of just $20 per month, you become a partner in hope and get your own THIS SHIRT SAVES LIVES shirt that you can share on your own social media of you wearing to spread the word.

Join many of your favorite country stars in this movement, guys! ❤ Spread the word for @stjude! #ThisShirtSavesLives Go to: to find out how you can, too!! 😄🙌 ————————————————————————— @dariusrucker @jakeowen @kipmooremusic @chrisyoungmusic @kelseaballerini @marenmorris @ryanhurd @carlypearce @runawayjuneofficial @midlandofficial @wmmorganmusic @locash @charlieworsham @jonpardipics @hunterhayes @cassadeepope @daniellebradbery @mickeyguyton @lukecombsmusic @camcountry @dustinlynchmusic @tuckerbeathard @brothersosborne @jackieleemusic @lindsayell @canaansmith @walkerhayes @scottymccreery @lukebryanofficial @bretteldredge @coleswindell & more! ====================================== #stjude #memphistn #memphis #tennessee #fighting #childhoodcancer #cancer #children #healing #charity #countrymusic #country #music #instamusic #insta #instagram #instagramer #instagramers #instagood #instadaily #photo #photooftheday #instaphoto #dogood #makeadifference #supportthecause #supportthemovement #donatenow #donate

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For more information and how to become a St. Jude partner in hope, go to:


Help up spread the word by becoming a partner in hope and using the hashtag: #ThisShirtSavesLives.

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Buy Tickets Now For The Inaugural NASHVILLE WINTER WINE FEST On Jan.6th

Don’t miss out on the inaugural NASHVILLE WINTER WINE FEST, which will be held on Saturday, January 6th from 1-5pm. We will have over 50 wines as well as a selection of local beer to choose from. There will be live music, a DJ, and food will be available for purchase. The wine list will be added to the website soon.

This is sure to be a great time to help beat the winter blues following all of the excitement of the holiday season. Get your tickets now by clicking HERE.

Marathon Music Works– 1402 Clinton St, Nashville, TN 37203

Tickets are now on sale. $45 in advance and $50 after December 28th. Sales tax and ticket fees will be added. More details and the link to tickets can be found at our event website:



IG: @nashvillewinefestivals

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