How Country Artists Express Their Love on Valentine’s Day

How do some country artists express their love on Valentine’s day? Read below to find out!

Lucas Hoge

Lucas Hoge
I Iike to put my own touch on Valentine’s day instead of making a reservation and ordering something to be delivered, I’d rather be at home with my wife having made her favorite things!


Cypress Spring- 
Tyler Ackerman- The best Valentine’s day gift I’ve ever given was a huge teddy bear!! It was bigger than her and more expensive than my whole outfit!!! The best gift I have ever received was bullets for my gun. We usually celebrate with dinner and a movie and give each other little gifts like candy and our son gets candy as well.
Kalan Miller- I usually do the card and flowers, then dinner and a movie thing. I never really get anything other than a card.
Paul Roche- I’m probably the least romantic in the band. I might splurge with a dinner and a movie.

Dustin Collins
I love celebrating Valentine’s day with a classic date night, dinner and a movie.

Tommy Chayne- 
This year I think I’m going to set the smoke alarms off on purpose and hide and act like a firefighter. Suit and all. “I hear you’re burning for love,” then proceed to dance to “macho man.” Yeah that’ll be perfect.

Southern Halo-
Natalia—I like to make heart-shaped sugar cookies for all of our neighbors, friends and family. They’re so good, and what better way to tell someone you love them than to make them cookies?!
Christina—I buy sweet surprises for my sisters, friends and family, because they’re all my valentine!
Hannah— I hug everyone I encounter that day to let them know they are loved!

Colton Swon of Swon Brothers – 
The best Valentines gift I have given I would say, is the year I surprised Caroline with a private chef that gave us cooking lessons in the comfort of our own home. We played our own version of chopped in a house full of lit candles and roses! Best gift I’ve received was a small stuffed animal giraffe from my fiancé. One of our first dates was at the zoo and we will never forget it because we saw two giraffes mating. When I saw the stuffed animal I lost it and knew exactly why she had gotten me a giraffe. Every time I look at I still crack up. When celebrating Valentine’s day it’s go big or go home. One of my favorite days of the year.

Craig Wayne Boyd- 
Last year’s Valentine’s Day fun with my wife Taylor included oysters, getting tipsy and getting our ring tattoos. This year, we’re going on “dates” with the other men/women in our lives. Taylor and I decided to take the older two kids, Jax and Kota, out separately to do something special! 

Glen Templeton
As an artist based on tradition I express love on Valentine’s Day with tradition…an entire day of “whatever you wants” and “anything you say’s” Roses, a box of candy (That I usually end up eatin’), a card and that special gift, followed by a good evening supper make for another day to indulge in gratitude for my soul mate…​​

Shelby Lee Lowe-
The best Valentine’s gift I’ve ever given would have to be tickets to Bonnaroo.
I usually celebrate with a low-key dinner somewhere that is fancy (within my budget). If that doesn’t work out, there’s always Cracker Barrel.

Hailey Verhaalen-
I would say the best valentine’s gift I have received was probably the stud emerald earrings (My birthstone) that my dad gave me one year a while back. They are my only pair of real diamond earrings, and they are beautiful! From a significant other though…. I would say tickets to the Grand Ole Opry. It was SO cool being there for Valentines Day 🙂
Celebrating depends on the year and if I’m in a relationship or not. This year, I will celebrate Valentine’s day on February 15th instead by buying myself 50% off chocolate once it goes on sale 😉 #SingleLife

Dave Cohen (reigning ACM Piano / Keyboard Player of the Year):
In the 1st grade I gave my crush a box of chocolates. But unfortunately ,her dog ate them and got sick. Everybody survived 🙂 I celebrate myself by taking the day off work and sleeping!

Carolyn Routh (of the Americana/Country group Nu-Blu):
A few years ago, Daniel (my husband) and I didn’t get a chance to do anything special for Valentine’s Day because we had a show that night. When we arrived at the venue, the promoter gave me a box of chocolate covered strawberries. It was so thoughtful and sweet of him to think of me. I will always remember this unexpected surprise.
Daniel and I are usually out on tour during Valentine’s Day, so we try and go out to eat someplace special. Sometimes we just cuddle up on the bus and watch a movie. Having a little alone time is always the best way to celebrate no matter where we are.

Haley Mae Campbell-
I remember when I was in high school, I woke up on Valentine’s morning and went into my bathroom to get ready for school. There was a pretty pink bag with balloons attached sitting on my bathroom counter, and inside I found all three of the Urban Decay “Naked” eyeshadow palettes! Not sure who tipped off my dad for that one, but it was definitely an awesome gift that I still use to this day!
Personally, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, whether single or attached. My first album, “Hugs & Disses,” came out on Valentine’s Day 2015, so I always celebrate the anniversary of that project! This year I’m attending a Phoebe Bridgers concert at Cannery Ballroom, which might be the most anti-Valentine’s Valentine’s activity ever (if you know Phoebe’s music, you know what I mean). I absolutely can’t wait!

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