Go West Creative Launch Party

Go West Creative launch partyImagine entering into a beautifully-decorated room in one of the trendiest areas in Nashville where upon entrance a model with a hooped dress serves champagne FROM her dress? An artist painted the scene as the party unfolded.  Several musicians performed that night as part of the entertainment.  Spoken cinema is something that Go West Creative shared with us that they are known for.  There were fresh whole lobsters, jumbo shrimp, crab, sashimi, gourmet marshmallows on sticks, caramel and bacon popcorn…the list goes on.   My description can’t hardly do it all justice.  Let’s just say I was incredibly-impressed.

Go West Creative launch partyI felt very fortunate to be able to attend the Go West Creative launch party at Rosewall in the Gulch here in Nashville recently.  Go West Creative spared no expense and I know they really made an incredible impression in the minds of many Nashvillians that night as they celebrated their move to Nashville.  All that I can say is, welcome to Nashville Go West Creative! I loved all of your creativity on display that night with how the room was decorated, the table decorations, spoken cinema and so much more.  It was both an elegant and creative event.

About Go West Creative and how they describe themselves in their own words:

The West is a direction towards something new and better. Defining the un-definable, Western ideas pioneer and navigate culture away from conventional thinking to exciting new frontiers. Founded by entrepreneurs more than 30 years ago, Go West Creative set out to stand out, helping companies of all sizes cultivate and foster their brands to new levels of creativity and innovation. We are your compass for custom-tailored events, experiential campaigns and original content.

Go West Creative differentiates itself by providing (actual) in-house creative, production and logistics experts. No matter the size and scope of the project, we create 360-degree environments with a consistency and cohesiveness that reflects the brand and message. We make memories.

As a group of artists, we specialize in breathing life and energy into your brand at every touch point, whether live or content driven. The result is a transformation from the routine and predictable to forward-thinking and action-oriented experiences.

We live where you live (if we don’t, we will come to you) with offices in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and our new Headquarters in Nashville, TN – (we are on a first name basis with the TSA). Our creatives are mavericks – pushing beyond the predictable marketing terrain towards a new horizon, leaving footprints for brands to follow.
Go West is not just a company. We’re a direction. Go creative. Go West.

Here’s just a taste of what Go West Creative can do:

GWC Sizzle 2014 from GO WEST on Vimeo.

For more information about Go West Creative, click here for their website.

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