A Closer Look @ Tyler Farr | Get To Know Him In His Own Words

Tyler Farr - Suffer in PeaceTyler Farr just released his 2nd album last week entitled “Suffer In Peace”.  I personally think that it’s his best effort to date.  In stores now, be sure to check it out!

I especially love “A Guy Walks Into A Bar”.  Farr’s music always seems to come from a very authentic, honest place and that’s what I love about him.  His raspy baritone voice is one of my favorites on the radio today.  I highly-recommend his new album.  You won’t be disappointed.

Fan of Tyler Farr? Have you been wanting to get to know him a little better? Well, you’re in luck! See the interview questions below with Tyler Farr published here EXACTLY the way he typed them in his own words.  Only thing added were quotation marks! Enjoy his answers completely edit free and get to know this talented artist a little better!

1) How is this new album different from the previous release?
“with a couple hits comes a little more confidence so i really got to lay
it all out on the table on this one. It digs into more of who i am as an
artist and as a person”
2) How many songs off the new album did you write? Do you enjoy the
writing process?

“i wrote 3. i love writing, it was my first passion. i use
it as therapy”
3) Is there a particular favorite that you are most proud of off the album
for you and what’s it about? Who wrote it?

“why we live here. myself , houston phillips, and dallas davidson wrote it.
im a big support of the us military and i did my best on this song to show
gratitude to them for all the sacrifices they make daily in a respectful
manner. the song is just very meaningful to me and doing a navy tour this
past christmas overseas.”
4) What are your plans for touring this year?
“im stuck with aldean again on the burn it down tour ..ha. kidding , we
just started in a couple months ago and its a blast once again. Jasons a
good dude and a great friend.”
5) Any funny stories from touring that you might want to share?
“Jason hurl a lime at me when we were hangin backstage after a show last
year and hit me in the man parts. that sucked”
6) Your musical influences?
“george jones, vince gill, vern gosdin… i like the stylists”

7) Describe yourself in 3 words.

“crazy adventurous loving”
8) What might be people be surprised to learn about you that you don’t
mind sharing?
“i actually worked at a childrens in house rehab facility for a summer when
i moved back to missouri to decide what my next move was towards my
career. my favorite job ive ever had.”
9) What’s next for you?

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