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Big and Rich Remix

New Bundle of Big & Rich Remix Tracks Available

Big Kenny, one-half of multi-platinum country duo Big & Rich, is continuing to push boundaries with his ELECTRO SHINE music project, where he brings together an eclectic fusion of beats, instrumentation and feel-good lyrics.  On September 3rd, a new installment of Electro Shine Remix tracks was released on Glotown Records, including “Party Like Cowboyz” and “Born Again” from Big & Rich’s latest release, Hillbilly Jedi.

“I’ve decided that it’s time to get everybody dancing again! It’s time to start celebrating life, no matter how much BS we keep enduring in the world. I want to throw big dance parties and get us all to know one another and make new friends.  John (Rich) and I had such a huge hit and success with our dance remix of “Save a Horse,” I was inspired to try some of the Electro Shine sounds to my favorite new B&R hits, “Born Again” and “Party Like Cowboyz.” Now lets crank up the tunes and dance. It’s a great way to meet girls,” says Big Kenny.

Big KennyFor those passionate “out of the box” EDM, country and hick-hop music lovers, ELECTRO SHINE has more for your listening pleasure.  ELECTRO SHINE’s debut EP, The Hits Vol. 1, that features a love of “Muzik Without Prejudice,” the mariachi inspired and pop infused “Electro Country Shine,” the feel good dance anthem “Hope Chant,” electronic country and rap anthem “Star,” and three versions of “Dance Upon The Solid Ground,” the up-tempo jam ingrained with twangy fiddle, banjo and electronic melodies is also available at all digital retail outlets.

“Electro Shine is going to be a great way to introduce country to the Electronic Dance world, which is so huge now. And a great way to introduce the Electronic Dance World to Big & Rich and Electro Shine,” adds Big Kenny.

In addition to the recordings, soon to be announced will be the ELECTRO SHINE touring show.  The Vegas-style show under a big top tent will include singers, musicians, rappers, dancers, badass beats, aerialists, lights, lasers, psychedelic great visuals, and even little blue flying winged cherubs!  An experience that could be best described as a musical circus, hosted by Big Kenny, where a collision of EDM, Americana, Country, Reggae, Rock,  Pop, and Hip-Hop will create the vibe and party atmosphere that will keep everyone inspired and on the dance floor.

ELECTRO SHINE is spearheaded by singer, songwriter and producer Big Kenny of Big & Rich.  The farm boy from Culpeper, Virginia, powers the engine behind the madness of ELECTRO SHINE and has the passion and vision to propel it into an unforgettable experience.  The ELECTRO SHINE sound is truly something that hasn’t been heard before from what might typically be thought of as an unlikely pairing.

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