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A Closer Look @ TOY: Episode 3

TOYHere’s the 3rd episode in the continuing interview series about pop/rock band, TOY, entitled “A Closer Look @ TOY”.  Featuring live performance clips along with the video interview.

Find out more about TOY at:

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Sarah Darling’s Caricature Added To Wall Of The Palm/Steadily Becoming The Darling Of Music City

Sarah DarlingFocus on the 615 was there at The Palm for the unveiling of Sarah Darling‘s caricature as she was immortalized and now adorns the wall inside this famous restaurant alongside the thousands of other legendary honored patrons.   Congratulations, Sarah!

Sarah Darling is steadily becoming an integral part of the tapestry of Music City.  Her recently released O Holy Night,” is the first-ever music video shot inside the stunning Laura Turner Concert Hall of Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The song was promptly adopted as Music City’s “Official Holiday Song.” On the heels of being tapped to perform for the upcoming Music City Bowl, Darling’s image will be added to the panorama of faces lining the world-renowned restaurant, The Palm (located at 140 5th Avenue South) in Nashville, TN.  Darling’s image will join thousands legendary patrons honored throughout the world at The Palm’s over 30 locations.

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling signing her caricature at unveiling ceremony.


Nashville, TN (December 19, 2011)  – “Welcome to The Palm family!” said an enthusiastic Rae Krenn, Manager of The Palm Nashville (140 5th Avenue South) as she unveiled the likeness of Sarah Darling, Black River Entertainment recording artist on Friday.  Darling was honored as the most recent addition to the images forever immortalized among the dining room’s panorama of classic cartoons and caricatures of local regulars, business people, politicians and celebrities that comprise the impressive customer base.  This long-standing tradition began at The Palm’s original New York location.  Instead of artists “singing for their supper,” artists paid their tab by painting an original portrait on the wall.  The proximity of New York’s cartoon syndicate offices led to the proliferation of colorful caricatures found at every Palm location.

“The Palm is such a staple in Nashville!  I’m truly honored to have my picture in the mix with all the greats on the wall,” exclaimed Darling “I’m truly excited!”

With the addition of Darlings’s image to the dining room of The Palm, it is apparent that this talented newcomer is steadily becoming an integral part of the tapestry of Music City.  Her recently released “O Holy Night,”the first-ever video shot inside the stunning Laura Turner Concert Hall of Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center, was promptly adopted as Music City’s “Official Holiday Song” and on the heels of being tapped to perform for the upcoming Music City Bowl on December 30.

The Palm, founded in 1926 by Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi in New York City, is a classic American steakhouse legendary for prime aged steaks, jumbo Nova Scotia lobsters, premium fish and heritage Italian entrees, prepared to perfection, using only the highest quality ingredients and served in generous portions. What makes us truly unique is our genuine old world hospitality and unique atmosphere. Each room is filled with the hearty handshakes and warms smiles from our gregarious staff and familiar guests, and always abuzz with a sea of conversation and laughter celebrating the best of everything.  At The Palm, their philosophy is simple: Treat guests like family, serve great food and always exceed expectations.  These values have led to The Palm’s success and exceptional reputation at over 30 locations throughout the world.  For more information on The Palm, please visit or visit The Palm in Nashville at 140 5th Avenue South or call (615) 742-7256.

Declared by the New York Times as a “sophisticated songwriter” with a “crisp, powerful voice,” Black River Entertainment artist Sarah Darling is confidently making her mark on the country music scene.  She made her Grand Ole Opry debut in February 2011 and quickly followed that up with the #1 music video for her hit “Something To Do With Your Hands” from her sophomore release, Angels & Devils.  The multi-dimensional artist also has a passion for cooking and fashion, and is aligned with such high profile brands as Crock-Pot and Betsey Johnson.  Darling is currently in the studio working on her upcoming album with producer Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts) to be released in 2012.  For more information on Sarah Darling, please visit or

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10 Questions With Yellowire

YellowireI had the pleasure of hearing for the first time, Yellowire, at BMI’s “Jingle Ball” showcase on Monday, December 5th. Yellowire is an incredibly talented indy rock band that came all the way from England. All that I know is there was just something magical when they took the stage that made me want to learn more about them! I think if I had to describe their music, I would say a cross between U2, Beck, and Robbie Williams.  Definitely worth a listen!

Yellowire is comprised of Ol Beach (vocals, piano, guitar), Jim Board (guitar), Billy Brimblecom/Adrian Meehan (drums), Greg Lafollette/Simone Butler (bass).

Want to learn more about Yellowire??? Sure you do! Be sure to check out their video and interview below.  Also, find them at their website:

Interview With Lead Singer, Ol Beach:

1) Where is your band based out of?

“The band is based mainly out of London.
We all come from different parts of the UK and London is the meeting point now.”

2) How did you come up with the name of your band?

“I was on tour in South Africa supporting Robbie Williams. I met a masseuse with spiritual connections. She told me that was my bands name. I didn’t want to argue.”


Ol Beach of Yellowire

3) When was your band formed and how did you get together?

We’ve been playing together for a few years now. It’s a very organic process and such a small world of musicians here the line up has been constantly evolving. Everything keeps growing and moving forward. The last dates we had in the US were with a drummer and bass player from Nashville who we met through people. We had one rehearsal and it felt like we’d been playing together for years. I’d be very excited to work with those guys again.”

4) How would you describe your music?

“Indy rock.”

5) Musical influences?

“Influences that go all the way back. The great early players had so much going on. They are very inspiring. We’re just listening and learning all the time. I saw Rachael Yamagata play the other day, she taught me some beautiful lessons.”

6) Do you write your own music?


7) Any plans for touring?

“Hopefully we’re going to be touring again in the US around March 2012. But we’re looking at some recording in Nashville before then so we might try and have one or two gigs during that time as well. In a perfect world.”

8) New music in the works? When being released and where can people buy?

“We are releasing our album in the US next year. You can pre download it from our website and also i-tunes in the US.”

9) Anything exciting in the works for you coming up in the near future?

“We had a great time doing these dates [Jingle Ball] and hopefully after talking with everybody there will be more to come.”

10) Message to your fans?

“Spread the word and have a great Christmas!”


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A Closer Look @ TOY: Episode 2

TOYWell, I’m on a roll lately and pumping out these articles. Let’s continue with the video series “A Closer Look @ TOY”! I think you’ll like this pop/rock band.  You’ll have to forgive my camerawork during the interview part.  I couldn’t seem to keep it steady! lol

Anyway, check out TOY in the video below.  Also, find their website  at: and interact with them on their Facebook page, too:

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Song Review: Dara MacLean’s “The Day That Love Was Born”

Another new Christmas song worth mentioning is Dara Maclean‘s “The Day That Love Was Born”.  Dara’s powerful, soulful voice, plus this beautiful, moving song make for a wonderful addition to anyone’s Christmas music collection!

You can buy it on iTunes and be sure to check out her site to find out more about Dara! While at it, please check out this interview I had a few months back with Dara:

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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Song Review: Marlee Scott “Someday At Christmas”

This is actually the first time I’ve heard this country artist, Marlee Scott, and her new Christmas single “Someday At Christmas” written by Bryan Wells and Ronald Miller.

I think she’s got a nice, strong voice and I liked the song overall because the music had a nice, flowing feel for me.  It is a well-produced track, also.  The only downside to this single were the lyrics for me.  The song began to grate on me as it progressed only because of the overuse of the word “someday“.   It started to feel like every other word was that because it was used so much throughout the song.  That was the only downside.  This song wasn’t outstanding for me, but it was nicely done overall.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars.




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Song Review: Stealing Angels’ “Little Blue Sky”

Stealing Angels — In one word, I don’t think I could describe them.  Not adequately! Country fans, this new trio is amazing and one of my very favorite new acts out there! If you don’t know them or aren’t listening to them, then you should GET to know them.  Why the heck aren’t you? Because you’re missing out! REALLY missing out! I’m telling you. Don’t hear them on the radio much because too much Taylor Swift is being played? Well, check out iTunes, their website at: or just find them on Facebook! There is GREAT music out there to be found if you just look for it.  You will love them! They will make you laugh and you can’t help but love them if you meet them in-person or just watch their videos.  They are real and they’re what country music needs.  This is a group with pure, raw, natural talent oozing from them.  When they take the stage, you will be drawn into the enthusiasm, the energy….they just have IT!  How do you describe IT and where does IT come from? You either have IT or you don’t! Stealing Angels has IT in DROVES and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll start listening to them, too!

Stealing Angels are Caroline Cutbirth, Jennifer Wayne, and Tayla Lynn.

Their new single “Little Blue Sky” is at radio right now and you can find it on iTunes.  This mid-tempo song is hopeful, endearing, and grabs right at your heart.   The blending of their 3 voices is absolutely beautiful on this song, especially.  Well done, Stealing Angels!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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Human Snow Globe at Jingle Ball in Nashville

Human Snow GlobeWell, I just think this needs to be shared! I loved it and thinking you might, too! I wasn’t quite prepared for this, but it brought a smile to my face and I hope it does yours! Fun and festive, people, fun and festive…and he could actually sing quite well! 🙂

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“Jingle Ball” Rocks — Written By Matt Williams

Jingle BallIt was a night of an eclectic mix of music and holiday fun at Mercy Lounge on Monday December 5. As the holiday leg of BMI’s “8 off 8th” series, 10 artists took to the “Jingle Ball” stage to showcase awesome talent and spread live and loud holiday cheer.

The crowd size varied throughout the night, but was wildly excited the entire time. Each artist only played for 15 minutes, which meant frequent breaks… not entirely ideal for a showcase; however, the incredible talent easily overshadowed the intermittent waiting periods.

First on the bill was Devious Angels, an acoustic duo composed of “Steevie” Steeves and Jon Decious. Their self-proclaimed “homegrown sentiment meets dive bar attitude” showed through as their country sound and rock edge drew the crowd towards the stage.

Next on stage was Yellowire, a band that came all the way from England. After a great up-tempo start, front man Ol Beach switched from guitar to piano for a couple mid-tempo electro acoustic anthems with a sound fit for festivals.

Following the British rockers were the “Road to Bonnaroo” winners, Uncle Skeleton. The ensemble had no less than 10 people on stage, including three violins front and center, a horn section, a couple keyboards and guitars. The first couple songs had no words, just a mass collection of groovy sound. The band ended with a jamming cover of Wonderful Christmas Time.

No one could quite prepare for what came next: YouTube sensation Human Snow Globe. Yes, the name speaks for itself, it was a man in an inflatable bubble (accompanied by far too many “inflation” jokes) with fake snow and Christmas lights. Nothing more needs to be said, you can check it out here.

Changing pace again, rapper Chancellor Warhol took the stage. With turntables, a drum kit and a couple backup singers, Warhol brought the house down, frequently jumping down in front of the stage and up on the speakers. His smooth flow, clever punch lines and catchy hooks definitely made this kid something to watch.

Nashville natives Colorfeels provided an instrumentally and vocally riveting performance next. Several members of the band were multi-instrumentalists, and one included such diversity as a clarinet, a flute and a xylophone. Their slower numbers were pleasant and whimsically musical while their upbeat songs had the crowd on its feet with an inventive plethora of sound.

One of the most-talked-about acts of the day was The Kicks. Mixing classic, old school rock style with modern rock sensibilities and three-piece harmonies, these guys were superb. Think Rolling Stones meets Boston with an alternative twist. Three songs didn’t seem to do them justice, though keeping the spirit alive, they finished with a Christmas original.

Maybe it was because The Kicks blew everyone away, or maybe it was because the upcoming front man was slightly bizarre and mildly off-color, but Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces did not resonate as a stand out act of the evening. However, the talent on stage was obvious, and the performance was high energy with smoke, lights, and a slew of people dancing down front. One song was an electronic/rock/rap hybrid, containing a synthesizer sample of Paul Simon’s Bodyguard.

The second to last band of the evening was Focus on the 615 friends TOY. Their dark, electronic rock sound with lead vocals by Alana Grace was nothing short of kick-ass. Instead of writing more about them here, check back for a more in-depth look at TOY featuring an exclusive interview from the evening!

Closing the evening (at whatever hour it may have been) was merging stars The Co. An incredible piano track mixed with powerful vocals to make memorable tunes that will no doubt land this Nashville band on the airwaves. With upbeat tunes such as Keep It Together and more personal numbers such as How to Say Goodbye, The CO was a great way to end the night.

“8 off 8th,” is BMI’s free weekly showcase held every Monday night at Mercy Lounge. Hosted by a rotating lineup of music community impresarios, each night features several local (and sometimes nationally touring) artists and serves as ground zero for Nashville’s bourgeoning indie rock scene.

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Mark Wayne Glasmire’s Favorite Christmas Memory

Mark Wayne Glasmire“I moved to Texas, from Nashville, in 2005 after having gone through a long and difficult divorce.  I left behind virtually everything I had worked for over the previous 25 years.  It was a difficult time for me, one of the loneliest of my life. For the first few years I wouldn’t even decorate for Christmas.  It was easier to cope with memories of the season, by not really going all out.   I had a girl friend so I would help her decorate her home and enjoyed doing that, but when I would come back to my apartment it was always just plain like any other day of the year.   It took a while but I eventually got back on my feet financially.  After a few years I managed to buy a new home.  I moved in March of that year but had no intentions of changing “new” holiday routine of keeping it plain and simple.  That December I was traveling several days a week so outside of buying gifts, it was easy to just forget about the holiday and dressing up the house.  Christmas was only a few days away and one night I came home after having been out of town for several days.  As I drove up I noticed a light on inside.  When I walked in there was the most beautiful Christmas tree I had ever seen.  My girl friend had come into my house, while I was gone, bought a tree, set it up and decorated it so that it would be there to welcome me home.  It wasn’t very big or very colorful or covered with fancy ornaments but its beauty was overwhelming.  It was an amazing moment for me and I don’t think I have ever felt loved as much as I did that day.   I just sat there crying like a baby.  It was by far, one of the best Christmas’s of my life.”Mark Wayne Glasmire

About Mark Wayne Glasmire

Mark Wayne Glasmire  is happier than he’s ever been.  His new, seven-song EP, GOING HOME, is due out this Fall, and the project has already given the resident of Arlington, Texas a #1 European single (“I Like You”). “I’m in a really good place right now,” says the personable singer/songwriter.  “I’m spending a lot more time on my music – a luxury I’ve never had before.”  For Glasmire, the extra hours spent advancing his career are exciting and invigorating. “I really believe that music is my life’s purpose, and I feel that GOING HOME shows that more than anything I’ve done before,” he explains.

Mark’s last CD, the critically-acclaimed LIFE GOES ON (2009) gave him several hits:  “You Opened My Eyes” held the #1 spot on the International Country HotDisc Chart for a total of four weeks and performed well on the national U.S. Music Row Chart, while “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” was a favorite at country radio around the globe.  “LIFE GOES ON was a good album,” Mark says.  “But I think this new EP is even better.”

GOING HOME showcases this artist in top form:  the songs are well-written and Mark’s vocals are stellar.  His crisp, clear tenor rises effortlessly, hitting the high notes with confidence and energy, while he artfully addresses the more tender ballads with emotive ease.  Co-produced by Glasmire and John Albani (Steve Azar, Monty Holmes, Randy Boudreaux), the EP features A-list Nashville pickers, along with Mark’s signature guitar work.  “It was truly a labor of love,” Mark says.  “There’s a certainty and commitment that I think come across in the music.”

The title track, a poignant ode to “home” and the comfort that can only be found there, was inspired by a conversation Mark had with a good friend who was retiring after a long career in the U.S. Marine Corps. The wide-open chorus gives Mark’s powerful voice a chance to shine, and the lyrics are those of a writer at the peak of his talent.  “We were talking about where he’d been and where he was headed,” Mark comments.  “His story really moved me.”

“I Like You” is a lighthearted song á la Jimmy Buffett.  It immediately brings to mind swaying palm trees, warm breezes and sunny days.  “It’s a simple song,” Glasmire concedes with a grin.  “But people like to feel good – and this song always leaves them smiling.”

Mark lets his personal opinions show on the driving “Last Of A Dying Breed.”  He calls it his “soap box” song, and explains that he was raised “differently” than many young folks today.  “Accountability was important to my Dad,” Glasmire notes.  “And he made sure that I knew the importance of a good work ethic, honesty and compassion.”

The sweet simplicity of “The Last Goodbye” (co-written with Craig Holland) offers a unique, hooky twist and an addictive, slow-building melody.  The track offers a counter-point for the harder-driving “She’s Got It All,” which Glasmire co-wrote with Tom Guardino.  The song showcases Mark’s country/rock side, offering a Brooks & Dunn feel, a popping electric guitar lick, a razor-sharp harmonica riff and a lyric that tells the tale of a girl in red Dingo’s and a faded blue-denim coat; a truck-stop meeting, and a love affair.

The more serious “The Moment” is one of Mark’s favorite compositions. The road not taken and things left unsaid are pondered here.  “I close every show with this song,” Mark explains.  “Athletes always talk about ‘being in the moment’,” he adds.  “I know what they mean because I experience that whenever I step on the stage. You can’t explain this to someone who’s never felt it, but that doesn’t make it any less real.” 

Track seven is the bonus, “Now I Believe.”  Co-written with Lucas P. Gravell, the song offers listeners what may be Glasmire’s best vocal performances to date, with a lush chorus and uplifting lyrics sweetening the deal. The track reached the #15 spot on the International Country HotDisc chart last year.

“I’m excited about this whole project in a way that’s hard to convey,” Mark observes.  “This is my moment, and I’m giving my heart and soul to it.”

Raised in a strict, faith-filled home, commitment and hard work are tenets that Glasmire understands.  His first 14 years were filled with church activities.  “My mom sang in the choir, and the church was really our whole social life,” he adds.  In the steel town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mark’s blue-collar world revolved around a piano-playing dad who worked up to three jobs at a time to provide for his family.

His parents gave Mark  his first guitar for Christmas the year that he turned 10, and it was a pivotal moment in his young life.  “That was the moment that I knew music was what I wanted to do.”  Although his high school years were filled with athletics and work – not music, Mark returned to his guitar, and his dream, as soon as he was able.  College saw him singing in coffee houses while earning a Business Administration degree. He also learned one of show biz’s hardest lessons:  You don’t make much money until you reach the “big leagues.”

For years, Glasmire worked a “real job” and put music on the back burner.  But he always strove to improve; he studied the business end of things, wrote constantly and sang every chance he got.  Mark gained experience in New York City’s folk scene and at Nashville’s storied writer’s nights (Bluebird Cafe, Exit-In, Wildhorse Saloon). He lived in Music City for several years before he moved to Arlington, Texas.

“I was a little disillusioned,” Mark confesses, after several years in Nashville without a major-label deal in hand. “But I kept after it.”  Glasmire became a popular fixture in the Texas market, opening for Guy Clark, Dierks Bentley and other top-tier acts.  With the release of LIFE GOES ON, Mark secured a place in the spotlight; he enjoyed several hits, and won several songwriting competitions.  His awards include First Place Honors in: B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Competition – Dallas, TX, Dallas Songwriters Association Int’l Songwriting Competition – Dallas, TX and GINA/LAWIM Songwriting Competition – Los Angeles, CA. Mark took the Grand Prize in the County Song division of the 2010 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (held at Merlefest).

Now he hopes that GOING HOME will help to further nurture the dream.  “Hey, I don’t need to be a household name to make a living with my music,” Mark stated on a recent blistering-hot Texas day.  “But  I’m going on several major radio promo tours, I have a new video, and I’m putting everything I can into this project to take things to the next level.”  For Mark Wayne Glasmire the time is now, the vehicle is GOING HOME, and it should drive him to the top – where he deserves to be.

Mark Wayne Glasmire writes and sings with a depth of understanding that only a dashing, well-traveled troubadour can. It is obvious that he’s lived life to the fullest – and taken notes along the way. His newest CD, LIFE GOES ON, is a 12-song disc that includes 10 originals and two outside tunes. Mark’s lyrics run the gamut from heartache and jubilation; despair and love, disappointment and hope. His voice is a full-bodied, yet crisp tenor reminiscent at times of an early John Denver or a modern-day Collin Raye, but it is distinct and different – and immediately identifiable. Intriguing and hypnotic melody lines recapture the halcyon days of James Taylor and Pure Prairie League; gentle country ballads are interspersed with mid-tempo odes, but each song carries its own original message. “Most of what I write comes from my own life experience,” Mark says from his Arlington, Texas home. “Occasionally, I’ll take inspiration from a friend’s situation, but mostly my songs reflect what I’m going through.”

Whether the topic is a new romance (as reflected in the lyrics of “You Opened My Eyes”), or the eternal hope that shines in “Shelter From The Storm,” each song is embodied with a whimsical (and often intricate) melody that perfectly supports the song’s message.

On “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright,” the disc’s first single release, Glasmire takes on the current negative job and housing markets and gives us hope, reminding us that love and faith will see us through even the hardest times. “I wrote it about a childhood friend of mine who fell on hard times during the first job ‘crisis’ back in the 90s,” Mark says. “It was rough for awhile, but he never quit believing. Now he’s the senior vice president at a huge company.”

Faith was instilled in Mark at an early age and his first 14 years were filled with church activities. “My mom sang in the choir, and the church was really our whole social life,” he adds. In the steel town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mark grew up with a piano-playing dad who worked up to three jobs at a time to provide for his family. “Dad had a construction company that did a lot of infrastructure work for the city,” Glasmire notes. “I worked for him during summers in high school and on into college and after.” The company excavated for major projects such as sewer lines; water mains; sidewalks; curbs and more. It was often feast or famine, but his dad never quit. “He passed away in 2007, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him,” says Mark, who wrote the CD’s “Missing You” in memory of his father.

His parents gave him his first guitar for Christmas the year that Mark turned 10. “I’d heard The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show,” Mark says. “That was the moment that I knew music was what I wanted to do.” A few lessons later, Glasmire set down the guitar, but remained enthralled by the music of the day. His range of influences encompasses the “greats” of that time period, and includes: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jim Croce and Harry Chapin.

His high school years were filled with athletics and work – not musicianship, so it wasn’t until college that he picked up the guitar again. “I’d sit in the dorm’s bathroom and play,” he says with a laugh. “The acoustics were amazing!” Long lines would form just to hear him play, and once his girlfriend convinced him to step out onto a “real” stage, life as he knew it was over. “I was so hooked,” Mark says. “My shyness just evaporated. I loved it.” Glasmire finished college with a degree in Business Administration – about as far from music as he could get. But he’d already learned one of the hardest lessons in show biz: It doesn’t pay much until you reach the “big leagues.” Mark wanted to have a chance at music, and he knew he’d have to support himself until his “break” came along. No big deal to this son of a blue-collar working man.

During the 80s, Mark commuted back and forth from Bethlehem to New York City, landing gigs at such prestigious venues as Folk City, The Speakeasy and The Bottom Line. It was during this hyper-creative period that he self-produced and recorded his first CD, SAD SONGS. Glasmire worked construction by day, but at night he chased the dream – sharing the stage with many well-known acts, such as Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie, Tracy Chapman, Suzan Vega and Gordon Lightfoot. He also recorded an EP, THE SUN, THE MOON and THE SEASONS, with three friends, and recalls those years as “eye-opening times.”

His experiences in New York helped hone his writing and performing skills, and by 1995, Mark was ready for a move to Nashville. “It’s a great town,” Glasmire states. “But it’s hard to break through.” Glasmire recorded his second CD shortly after moving to Music City, a solo outing called ALL OF MY HEART. The disc was well-received, garnering airplay in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, but a major deal remained just out of reach. He got close, however, landing an audition for Asylum Records. “I’d formed a trio called Borderline by that time,” Mark recalls. “Basically, they loved us – right up until they didn’t. We were ‘too old’ and missing a ‘marketable image.’ It was a setback emotionally when they didn’t offer us a deal.” Ah — but LIFE GOES ON.

So, with his confidence shaken “just a bit,” Mark took a job as Construction Manager for a large, company that required him to travel constantly. “I made it clear to them that music was still my first love, and I spent a lot of time commuting between Nashville and Dallas.” He performed at various Nashville writers’ nights, including The Bluebird Cafe, Exit-In, Wildhorse Saloon and 3rd & Lindsley as his “day job” allowed. But the strain of work and travel took a toll on his marriage, and Mark and his wife eventually divorced. Nashville radio stations were just beginning to play his songs, but he was on the move, headed to a new home in Dallas – and leaving his heart in Music City.

Glasmire might have left Nashville – but he didn’t leave the music behind. He recorded his third CD, SCRAPBOOK, in 2006, and began entering – and winning songwriting competitions. His awards include First Place Honors in: B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Competition – Dallas, TX, Dallas Songwriters Association Int’l Songwriting Competition – Dallas, TX and GINA/LAWIM Songwriting Competition – Los Angeles, CA.

A mutual friend introduced Glasmire to John Albani (Steve Azar, Monty Holmes, Randy Boudreaux) and suddenly things just “clicked.” “It was magical. He’s amazing to work with, and is so talented,” Mark says of his co-producer on LIFE GOES ON. “John has a way of pulling out the best in me.” Their collaboration is already bringing Glasmire accolades, and he’s recently shared the stage with Guy Clark and Dierks Bentley. “I know this is my best project to date,” says Mark. “And I really believe that this is my moment. I hope my fans agree.”

Glasmire may have taken the road less traveled to reach this point in his career, and there have been more than a few obstacles in his path, but LIFE GOES ON.



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