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A Closer Look @ Coldwater Jane: Episode 2

Hope you are enjoying getting to know the talented, up and coming country duo,  Coldwater Jane! AKA sisters, Brandon and Leah.

Here is the 2nd video interview in the series.  Please check it out below and if you like what you hear, be sure to support them by buying their music on iTunes!

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Coldwater Jane: February Artists Of The Month And Track Of The Month

Coldwater JaneAll month long we’re going to feature up-and-coming country duo,  Coldwater Jane, right here on Focus on the 615!

Take a moment to listen to their song “Bring On The Love” that is featured on all pages of the site this month.  I think that just might be VERY appropriate since this IS the month of love! So, happy early Valentine’s Day, I guess! 🙂  Never too soon to spread a little love and you can’t spread it too long, either!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song, as well as, learning a little more about Coldwater Jane here on this site with the video interviews entitled “A Closer Look @ Coldwater Jane”.  Be sure to come back each week for the new installment of the video interview series as we get to know them a bit better! I think you’ll love ’em as much as we do here at Focus on the 615 and you can find out more about them at:

Please support them if you like what you hear by buying their music on iTunes! We all need to support great music by continuing to buy it so great music can continue to be made just like this. 🙂

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Jana Kramer Exclusive! New Music, One Tree Hill, and What Lies Ahead

We sit down to discuss her record-breaking single, what she really thinks of her One Tree Hill departure, and what superstar she may be joining on the road!

Jana Kramer - Why You WannaIt’s going to be a busy year for our friend Jana Kramer! With the end of an era on One Tree Hill segueing into a blossoming music career, her star is on the rise, and Focus on the 615 is going to be there to cover it the entire way. We were thrilled to catch up with Jana for an exclusive interview. Although we were both fighting off illness, we had a great conversation discussing her music, her new album and what to expect from here on out.

Matt: Yesterday, your single Why You Wanna became the most added debut single in the history of Country Aircheck. Try to describe what that’s been like for you.

Jana: “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. Everyone was going “yeah, you broke the record, you broke the record!” but it hasn’t had time to hit me yet! We kind of celebrated breaking it, but the fact that the radio stations actually came through and picked up the song, and the fact that we actually did break the record is insane. I’m excited!

Matt: That’s fantastic, and now the single has been downloaded over 200,000 times!

Jana: I swear One Tree Hill has the coolest and most devoted fans ever. And on top of it, the neat thing is, people will come up to me and say “I love your song, and I didn’t know you were on a TV show!” and that to me is the biggest compliment ever; that people are actually hearing me through my music.

Matt: That’s got to boost your confidence going into a debut album, right?

Jana: Yeah, what’s giving me confidence is just the fact that people like it, and going into the studio this next week [to finish the new album] is going to be exciting.

Matt: Let’s talk about the new album: What can we expect? Is it a simple introduction to Jana Kramer? An all-encompassing repertoire of your musical influence? How would you qualify it?

Jana: It’s me to the core. Scott Hendricks, my producer, and I wanted each song to represent some part of me, and I feel that each song does exactly that. I have my sassy side, and so I have a song that’s very sassy; and then there’s the honest, heartfelt song; then there’s the song that we’ve all been through where our heart was broken… literally each song I’ve lived, I’ve felt, and that’s what I want… for people to get to know me through my music if they haven’t already met me before.

Matt: You’re obviously a country singer, what kind of stylings and country influences are embedded in your music?

Jana: It’s country. It’s not too poppy, it’s more organic sounding. To me it’s refreshing.

Matt: Now, the common saying is “you have your entire life to write your debut album.” Did that prove true for you as well? How long has this been in the making?

Jana: I’ve been into music my entire life, but I never thought I’d be here talking about a “debut album.” I started writing when I was a little girl, but I really seriously started writing when I was 18 or 19. To know that 10 years later an album would actually be a work in progress… it means a lot. It’s going to be amazing, I’m just so excited!

Matt: So, we have to talk about One Tree Hill. Your last episode aired last night. What’d you think of the show, and how’s it feel to be done?

“I was really kind of bummed out with how the exit of my character happened.”

Jana: I was really kind of bummed out with how the exit of my character [Alex Dupre] happened. We didn’t know that we were going to get picked back up, so when we did, the shooting schedule was already in the process. And I didn’t want to wait for 2012 to start my radio tour, so I kind of had to pick one or the other… So they pretty much wrote out my character, which I understand, because they couldn’t shoot around my schedule. But it would have been nice to give my character a little more of an exit. But it all worked out, and I’m happy right now.

Matt: So it’s on to the singing career.

Jana: Yes!

Matt: Can we expect any more acting in the future? Or are you in Nashville to stay?

Jana: I’m definitely in Nashville to stay. I’m totally focusing on this, but if a project comes along that doesn’t interfere with music, I’d definitely do a project here or there. It’s definitely a part of me that I don’t want to lose.

Matt: After this album drops, what’s on the radar next?

Jana: I’m going to hopefully get on a tour. It’s nothing official; we haven’t locked anything down yet, but we’re definitely trying to lock something down very very soon.

Matt: Any idea who you might be touring with?

Jana: Possibly Brad Paisley. But I’ll be doing a bunch of fair dates and shows. I’ll be on the road pretty much the full year.

Matt: Nice! And I hear your debut video comes out next month…

Jana: I know, I’m so excited!

Matt: And sometime late spring, early summer on the album?

Jana: Yes sir!

Matt: Thank you so much for talking with us today!

Jana: Cool, thank you so much!

We’d like to congratulate Jana on everything so far. We are definately looking forward to the video, the album and Jana’s continued success in country music! And stay tuned, because sometime very soon, we will have the opportunity to sit down with her on camera to capture a little more Closer Look @ Jana Kramer.

Click here for our first Closer Look @ Jana!

Why You Wanna (Official Audio) – Jana Kramer

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Craig Morgan Prepares To Release New Album On February 28th

This Ole BoyNashville, TN…(January 9, 2012)…Country music star and TV host CRAIG MORGAN is preparing to release his sixth studio album, This Ole Boy, on February 28. The release marks Morgan’s first new music in nearly three years, and his first with Black River Entertainment after signing with the label in April 2011.

Hollywood actress Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles/TNT) stars alongside Morgan in the sweet and surprising music video clip for the title track lead single.  The video, directed by Kristin Barlowe, was filmed in Arrington, Tennessee late last year. Entertainment Tonight will exclusively premiere the music video TODAY at The video can be seen on various TV and online platforms in the coming days, and will be available for digital download later this month.

ABOUT CRAIG MORGAN: One of country music’s best-loved artists, Craig Morgan has made a name for himself with massive radio airplay of his signature hits:  “Bonfire,” “Almost Home,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester”. His newest single “This Ole Boy,” currently climbing the country radio charts, is the title track to his upcoming sixth studio CD, releasing February 28, 2012. Craig received one of country music’s highest honors when he was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008. Prior to becoming a country music and TV sensation, Craig Morgan spent over 10 years of active duty in the Army and an additional nine years in the Army Reserves.  He is an avid supporter of America’s military personnel and a recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award. For more information on Craig Morgan, please visit or follow him on Twitter @cmorganmusic.

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Song Review: Marlee Scott “Train Wreck” Featuring Vince Gill

Marlee ScottCountry artist Marlee Scott is officially releasing her new single, “Train Wreck”, featuring Vince Gill to radio on January 23 and available for purchase on iTunes on January 24th. 

“Train Wreck” was written by songwriting heavy-hitters: Marcus Hummon, Jedd Hughes, and Sarah Buxton.  All have multiple hits on the charts to their names.

“Train Wreck” is an uptempo, fun, sassy, tongue-in-cheek tune that is powerfully-sung by new artist, Marlee Scott.  I equally enjoyed the production of this song done by engineer/producer David Kalmusky.  The song has a fantastic blend of country, rock, and a bluegrass chorus all done with excellent musicianship.

Fun lyrics, great vocals, catchy song, featuring a musical legend, and fantastic musicianship along with masterful production all equal a great song! No complaints here.  Well done!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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Mandy Barnett @ 3rd and Lindsley

Mandy BarnettAdmittedly, I’ve really never been a huge fan of traditional country music.   However, because of my love for contemporary country music, I’ve learned to appreciate the older, traditional country music.  I think if my dad was still alive, he’d probably be shocked to hear me say that since I begged him on many family roadtrips as a kid to “turn that twangy stuff off”! That’s why I surprise even myself that I have become a fan of Mandy Barnett.

Mandy Barnett is definitely an artist who is steeped in tradition and a country music purist.  She likes to perform the country classics and is best known for her performances in the starring role of musical legend, Patsy Cline, in ‘Always…Patsy Cline‘.

On Saturday, January 7th, I was able to attend her show at 3rd and Lindsley (one of my favorite local places around town to hear live music).  Luckily, I got there almost 2 hours before showtime because the place was already halfway full and parking scarce.  An hour prior to the performance and it was packed to capacity! Wow, she draws a crowd, but I had a feeling that might be the case and why I arrived just after the doors first opened.

Mandy was due to start performing at 730pm.  I figured since this was Nashville, that probably meant she would take the stage around 8pm.  It’s just not uncommon for shows to start late.  I don’t know if it’s to build anticipation or what, but to be honest, it’s kind of annoying when artists make you wait for their performance.  Just par for the course, though, it seems and you just get used to it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when Mandy took the stage at exactly 730pm! No pretenses, no delay…it was NICE and very much appreciated!

From the moment that Mandy Barnett takes the stage, she commands it and captures the crowd’s attention.  There are no antics, no pretenses, no background singers (she doesn’t need them)…only what seems to be a pure and honest love for performing.  Her set is filled with classics from Patsy Cline to Roy Orbison.  Her vocals are flawless.  She has both control and power.  A true world-class vocalist that is a rare and exceptional talent.  Her delivery of each song leaves you lingering on each note, feeling the emotional depth, and wanting to hear more.Mandy Barnett

My favorite song of the night was “Crazy”–the Patsy Cline classic that Mandy performs flawlessly.  Truly, no one else out there is going to be able to come close to Mandy’s version of this song.  She’s honed her craft and delivery of this song for years on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium while standing in the very same circle that Patsy Cline herself sung so many years ago.

Mandy Barnett is a class act and a rare talent.  More people should know of her and experience her live.

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TOY: THE Band To Watch! A Closer Look @ TOY: Episode 4

Here’s the final episode featuring TOY here on Focus on the 615 “A Closer Look @ TOY” features live performance clips from here in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge during Jingle Ball on December 5th, 2011, along with an interview to get to know the band better! Be sure to watch the video below!

Trust me on this, THIS IS THE BAND TO WATCH! They are going places and you can be one of the first to discover their music.  Head to their website: to find out more and hear more great music by TOY!

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A Closer Look @ TOY: Episode 3

TOYHere’s the 3rd episode in the continuing interview series about pop/rock band, TOY, entitled “A Closer Look @ TOY”.  Featuring live performance clips along with the video interview.

Find out more about TOY at:

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Sarah Darling’s Caricature Added To Wall Of The Palm/Steadily Becoming The Darling Of Music City

Sarah DarlingFocus on the 615 was there at The Palm for the unveiling of Sarah Darling‘s caricature as she was immortalized and now adorns the wall inside this famous restaurant alongside the thousands of other legendary honored patrons.   Congratulations, Sarah!

Sarah Darling is steadily becoming an integral part of the tapestry of Music City.  Her recently released O Holy Night,” is the first-ever music video shot inside the stunning Laura Turner Concert Hall of Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The song was promptly adopted as Music City’s “Official Holiday Song.” On the heels of being tapped to perform for the upcoming Music City Bowl, Darling’s image will be added to the panorama of faces lining the world-renowned restaurant, The Palm (located at 140 5th Avenue South) in Nashville, TN.  Darling’s image will join thousands legendary patrons honored throughout the world at The Palm’s over 30 locations.

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling signing her caricature at unveiling ceremony.


Nashville, TN (December 19, 2011)  – “Welcome to The Palm family!” said an enthusiastic Rae Krenn, Manager of The Palm Nashville (140 5th Avenue South) as she unveiled the likeness of Sarah Darling, Black River Entertainment recording artist on Friday.  Darling was honored as the most recent addition to the images forever immortalized among the dining room’s panorama of classic cartoons and caricatures of local regulars, business people, politicians and celebrities that comprise the impressive customer base.  This long-standing tradition began at The Palm’s original New York location.  Instead of artists “singing for their supper,” artists paid their tab by painting an original portrait on the wall.  The proximity of New York’s cartoon syndicate offices led to the proliferation of colorful caricatures found at every Palm location.

“The Palm is such a staple in Nashville!  I’m truly honored to have my picture in the mix with all the greats on the wall,” exclaimed Darling “I’m truly excited!”

With the addition of Darlings’s image to the dining room of The Palm, it is apparent that this talented newcomer is steadily becoming an integral part of the tapestry of Music City.  Her recently released “O Holy Night,”the first-ever video shot inside the stunning Laura Turner Concert Hall of Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center, was promptly adopted as Music City’s “Official Holiday Song” and on the heels of being tapped to perform for the upcoming Music City Bowl on December 30.

The Palm, founded in 1926 by Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi in New York City, is a classic American steakhouse legendary for prime aged steaks, jumbo Nova Scotia lobsters, premium fish and heritage Italian entrees, prepared to perfection, using only the highest quality ingredients and served in generous portions. What makes us truly unique is our genuine old world hospitality and unique atmosphere. Each room is filled with the hearty handshakes and warms smiles from our gregarious staff and familiar guests, and always abuzz with a sea of conversation and laughter celebrating the best of everything.  At The Palm, their philosophy is simple: Treat guests like family, serve great food and always exceed expectations.  These values have led to The Palm’s success and exceptional reputation at over 30 locations throughout the world.  For more information on The Palm, please visit or visit The Palm in Nashville at 140 5th Avenue South or call (615) 742-7256.

Declared by the New York Times as a “sophisticated songwriter” with a “crisp, powerful voice,” Black River Entertainment artist Sarah Darling is confidently making her mark on the country music scene.  She made her Grand Ole Opry debut in February 2011 and quickly followed that up with the #1 music video for her hit “Something To Do With Your Hands” from her sophomore release, Angels & Devils.  The multi-dimensional artist also has a passion for cooking and fashion, and is aligned with such high profile brands as Crock-Pot and Betsey Johnson.  Darling is currently in the studio working on her upcoming album with producer Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts) to be released in 2012.  For more information on Sarah Darling, please visit or

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10 Questions With Yellowire

YellowireI had the pleasure of hearing for the first time, Yellowire, at BMI’s “Jingle Ball” showcase on Monday, December 5th. Yellowire is an incredibly talented indy rock band that came all the way from England. All that I know is there was just something magical when they took the stage that made me want to learn more about them! I think if I had to describe their music, I would say a cross between U2, Beck, and Robbie Williams.  Definitely worth a listen!

Yellowire is comprised of Ol Beach (vocals, piano, guitar), Jim Board (guitar), Billy Brimblecom/Adrian Meehan (drums), Greg Lafollette/Simone Butler (bass).

Want to learn more about Yellowire??? Sure you do! Be sure to check out their video and interview below.  Also, find them at their website:

Interview With Lead Singer, Ol Beach:

1) Where is your band based out of?

“The band is based mainly out of London.
We all come from different parts of the UK and London is the meeting point now.”

2) How did you come up with the name of your band?

“I was on tour in South Africa supporting Robbie Williams. I met a masseuse with spiritual connections. She told me that was my bands name. I didn’t want to argue.”


Ol Beach of Yellowire

3) When was your band formed and how did you get together?

We’ve been playing together for a few years now. It’s a very organic process and such a small world of musicians here the line up has been constantly evolving. Everything keeps growing and moving forward. The last dates we had in the US were with a drummer and bass player from Nashville who we met through people. We had one rehearsal and it felt like we’d been playing together for years. I’d be very excited to work with those guys again.”

4) How would you describe your music?

“Indy rock.”

5) Musical influences?

“Influences that go all the way back. The great early players had so much going on. They are very inspiring. We’re just listening and learning all the time. I saw Rachael Yamagata play the other day, she taught me some beautiful lessons.”

6) Do you write your own music?


7) Any plans for touring?

“Hopefully we’re going to be touring again in the US around March 2012. But we’re looking at some recording in Nashville before then so we might try and have one or two gigs during that time as well. In a perfect world.”

8) New music in the works? When being released and where can people buy?

“We are releasing our album in the US next year. You can pre download it from our website and also i-tunes in the US.”

9) Anything exciting in the works for you coming up in the near future?

“We had a great time doing these dates [Jingle Ball] and hopefully after talking with everybody there will be more to come.”

10) Message to your fans?

“Spread the word and have a great Christmas!”


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